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Accepting incoming sessions in VeriShow 4.0
June 19, 2012

VeriShow’s new release includes various backend-related updates and new options that make it easier to receive client calls and provide assistance….

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VeriShow 4.0 is Out!
June 3, 2012

We are excited to announce VeriShow 4.0 There are many great new improvements in this new major VeriShow release. A new…

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Introducing: Live Help on Facebook with VeriShow
November 1, 2011

For many e-businesses, social media offers a way to engage with customers that is authentic, easy, inexpensive and welcome. VeriShow is…

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VeriShow Dashboard Makes You More Available To Your Customers
October 13, 2011

At the heart of VeriShow’s multimedia collaboration is the real-time nature of the platform. When your customers need assistance with purchasing…

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Verishow release note
VeriShow Release Notes
January 26, 2011

Following the latest 2.0 release, VeriShow was updated with additional an feature: The VeriShow Dashboard: The VeriShow Dashboard is a desktop…

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Verishow Release Note 2.0
VeriShow Release Notes
October 31, 2010

Following the latest 2.0 release, VeriShow was updated with additional features: Session recording – VeriShow now records all session events (including…

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verishow-release -notes
VeriShow Release Notes
August 22, 2010

VeriShow version 2.0 – Overview   The all new VeriShow 2.0 brings to you a totally new and fresh look. We…

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