We have just released version 6.7 of VeriShow that supports mobile-specific live help button display and various bug fixes.

Mobile-Specific Live Help Button

We have now added to our standard code embedding additional parameters that allow you to display a different button specifically to mobile (smartphone, tablet) devices. If you are interested in showing a different button for these devices than the one shown for desktop users, you can now choose a different graphic to display.

The two new parameters are:

  • mobile_img_url – determines the button’s image path for online state for mobile devices. E.g. img_url =”https://www.domain.com/live_help.png”
  • mobile_offline_img_url – determines the button’s image path for offline state (when no agent available) for mobile devices. E.g. offline_img_url =”https://www.domain.com/live_help_unavailable.png”

An example of live help button code that displays one button for desktop users and another for mobile is as follows (note the two different URLs per device):

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://platform.verishow.com/client?get=chat&aid=12345&call_button=true&img_url=https://www.domain.com/live_help_button_desktop.png&mobile_img_url=https://www.domain.com/live_help_button_mobile.png&img_alt=LIVE EXPERT&alignment=bottom_right&isDynamic=false”></script>

For additional instructions, in your VeriShow account please go to Call button > Standard Site > Advanced Embedding.

Bug fixing

The following has been fixed in this version:

  • There was an issue with turning off the desktop notifier (to get incoming call alerts in your desktop)
  • At times turning on video on Android devices would interfere with co-browsing

If you have any questions or would like to have assistance with this type of embedding, please contact us.