Anyone who has lived through a kitchen remodel or other major renovation knows how quickly architectural and design plans can change based on shifting circumstances. Firms need to get client sign-off on all of these adjustments, but continual in-person meetings can get time-consuming and expensive. Web meetings help keep costs and travel in check, while supporting the close collaboration designers need to make sure their customers are happy at the end of a project.

The same applications customer service agents and sales reps. rely on to serve website visitors can be put to good use by those in visual fields. Let’s imagine an architect tasked with designing a couple’s dream kitchen. They’ve put years into imagining the room that he has a finite amount of time and money to build. So, it’s crucial he understand their vision from the outset. Through video chat, document sharing, annotation and other features, the architect can give his clients a multimedia view of what their finished kitchen will look like. They get personalized service, without incurring the costs or hassle of in-person meetings.

This is just one of many businesses challenges solved by enhanced chat. Want to see it in action? Check out the video.