The enormous complexity involved in buying a car makes it an overwhelming task for many of us. Researching for all relevant information for the varied car options, assimilating it and identifying the right car can be a lengthy process involving a lot of technical information.

As a result, car buying journey involves multiple rounds of discussions which thus far were done face-to-face. With the advent and popularity of online channels this now often happens remotely via various websites. Close to 88 percent use internet during vehicle shopping.

Having tools that support the customer’s online processes can have a direct impact on sales conversions and customer satisfaction.  Front-line executives must have tools which helps them proactively interact with the customer and facilitates their being engaged through the customer’s buying process, allowing them more opportunities to intervene at the right time.

Technological aids play an important role in making this happen. Real-time interaction tools are powerful facilitators for sales teams as they have the potential to improve sales revenue due to more impactful interactions and higher levels of customer engagement

How Does Virtual Engagement tools Help Online Interactions

Built on the technology of webRTC, this platform doesn’t require any new software download or plugins. It requires just a browser and an internet connection as it is deployed within the website.  It has comprehensive tools that can be used to provide multiple types of support – visual, audio and text chat. Following are five of the most prominent features of the platform:

  1. Co-browser can be used to jointly navigate a website allowing personalized support
  2. Live video chat brings a human touch to online customer interaction by encouraging two-way conversations with visual elements
  3. Provide help via live web chat that caters to the customer’s convenience
  4. Instant Sharing of content and document directly through the platform while in discussion
  5. Multi-channel interaction where an agent can initiate unique cobrowsing session while on a call or share video stream
Show and Tell Guidance with Co-browser

The co-browsing software plays a key role in bring visual engagement to online interactions. Agents can step in to simultaneously navigate through a website with their customer, guiding them through transactions, processes or forms.

This form of personalized attention has a positive impact on the sales conversions since customers’ questions and problems get resolved faster, all important issues are discussed interactively similar to an in-person visit and there is free flowing of critical information that makes decision-making easier.

Here are 6 ways in which cobrowser can be deployed by virtual business development centers within car dealerships:

  1. Personalized Walkthroughs: Sales personnel can use co-browsing software to offer in-depth walkthroughs for customers buying cars through the website or the catalogue of the inventory they have with them.
  2. Live Support For Complex Transactions: With co-browsing, sales staff can provide step-by-step help in filling necessary forms online which removes any possibilities of errors and speeds up the process.
  3. Resolving Customer Problems the First Time: The co-browser allows an agent to get the same view as the customer which gives the agent an instant insight into the customer’s requirements which encourages quick resolution of issues.
  4. Jointly Reviewing Documents Online: In a co-browsing session documents can be shared instantaneously and be jointly reviewed. The tool allows scrolling, highlighting, and annotating.
  5. Multi-Channel Interaction: The co-browser can be used to augment a session live chat, phone call or video chat, where the agent can show the relevant information while discussing it.
  6. Any Device Access: The co-browser can be used regardless of the device used – whether a desktop, a mobile or a tablet. With this feature, a customer can reach out for support from any form of medium.
Enhanced Interactions with Real Time Tools

Instant document transfer is an integral feature of the virtual engagement platform and complements the co-browser. This technology ensures that while in discussions all necessary documents can be transferred and exchanged with no delay or having to use of another service or software.  The sharing can be of any kind of document including images and heavy files.

 The use of these enabling tools are a vital way to boost the productivity of sales teams as they result in happier customers and higher number of sales.