Retaining the attention of a customer online has always been a top priority for ecommerce/ online sales companies. Over the years, the 3-second rule has been used as a guideline as sites compete in a cluttered market.

Pressured for time, customers want quick answers and shortcuts. Sites are said to have just 3 seconds to grab the attention of a viewer and guide them to the solution they want. Fail at this and you lose a customer.

Essential Factors for High Website Engagement

For companies looking to ensure successful customer journeys and rich engagement on their sites the following four factors play an important role:

  • An Easy-to-navigate website: A website that has been thoughtfully designed with the right layout, colors and structure is essential for customers to find what they are looking for without any delays.
  • Detailed and well-organized content: Companies must ensure that the content available on the website – product portfolio, features, support channels etc. – are all updated and comprehensive. Inadequate information can frustrate customers seeking realt-yimme solutions.
  • Robust Self-service options: Thanks to the convenience of online channel, customers today often prefer to identify solutions on their own. Self-service options help customers to solve their problems without waiting for company response.
  • Click-to-call live customer support: In cases where the self service options don’t suffice, customers must have the option to reach out to a live human resource for answers.

According to a Forrester report, 73% of customers have said that companies looking to provide good online customer support must value their time. To ensure this, companies must provide quick solutions at the first time of contact itself.

Avoid Waste Customers’ Time with Right Tools

Faced with the challenge of providing timely responses and being readily available to customers, companies are leveraging innovative solutions like the real time virtual engagement suite. This web-RTC technology-powered platform comprises a set of tools that facilitates live and speedy support to online customers:

  • Cobrowser: Simultaneously browse a site with a customer to guide them through the site or through a transaction. The tool offers annotation, scrolling and highlights for collaborative working and facilitating a show-and-tell interaction
  • Live video chat: Initiate a face-to-face conversation in situation requiring in-depth discussions and consultation. The visual engagement increases rapport and boosts positive customer relationships
  • Online document sharing: Share documents like product brochures and applications instantly during a session in a secure manner, eliminating the delay involved in transferring documents through other means like email.
  • Omni-channel support: Combine co-browsing and video chats with phone support for a multi-format support which will help better understanding of customer needs and quicker issue resolution.

Real Time Collaboration for Responsive Customer Service

The real time collaboration platform empowers the agents with its multifaceted tools to solve the customers’ problems rapidly.

Companies cannot afford to take customers’ time for granted. Deploying tools that encourage immediate responses and higher engagement levels can result in not only higher sales but also better customer loyalty and retention levels.