For insurance companies, there has been a sea change in how business gets done today. Customers are increasingly shifting to online channels for a range of activities starting from buying a policy online to filing claims. As this mode of interaction gains importance companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring a smooth and memorable customer experience across every point of contact.

Recent research shows that customers are currently not very happy in regards to online interaction with their insurers. Nearly 75 percent customers have said that they face innumerable problems while trying to buy insurance online. Similarly 72 percent stated that the process of filing a complaint online with their insurer was simply not easy.

Given low satisfaction levels, insurance companies are experiencing the need to ramp up their customer service operations.

Co-browsing is one of the tech solutions that can transform the quality of customer interactions.

In co-browsing customer service agents can share a browsing session remotely with their customers.A far more flexible and powerful tool than screen sharing, a cobrowser allows collaborative activities like joint navigation, cursor control, scrolling and annotation.

Co-browsing Can Provide Live Guidance

Buying an insurance policy involves finalizing complex details via many intricate discussions and a lot of paperwork. Although convenient in other ways, buying insurance online still requires a lot of information-exchange between the customer and company. Customers may have questions, clarifications as they decide on the policy. Giving timely, intuitive and effective customer service at these points of interaction is vital to ensure that the sale happens and the customer is satisfied.

With co-browsing, agents will be able to help out customers remotely through a show-and-tell process across different types of tasks such as

  • Navigating the website
  • Filling in information for a quick quote
  • Filling up policy forms
  • Exploring a product’s features
  • Making account changes or
  • Handling technical problems on website

All this can be done without compromising on security. The co-browsing software automatically blocks all confidential information and at every point the customer remains in control of the session.

Fast Superior Customer Service Every Time

Co-browsing ensures that customers receive the assistance they need the first time around as agents are able to appreciate requirements accurately. The tool facilitates one-on-one interaction which boosts the rapport between the agent and customer which in turn increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Agents can also visually engage with the customers via video sharing which adds invaluable richness to the discussion.

Co-browsing – An Easy and Hassle Free Solution

The co-browsing tool makes relatively few demands on a company’s IT investment budget:

  • The software is browser based as it is based on webRTC technology
  • It works directly on the website and does not need any downloads.
  • There is no requirement of software licenses or installations

Clearly, the cobrowser is a valuable addition to a company’s customer support tools. Companies must however identify the right cobrowser among those available today by thoroughly understanding their business needs and the different software features.