Chat bots are most likely to drive your customers away

The newest hype sweeping across the customer service field is the use chatbots.

Chatbots are software applications backed by artificial intelligence that mimic human responses in limited situations. Typically embedded in messaging apps these automated tools have been gaining ground in customer support situations as they can reduce the load on human agents by tackling simple and repetitive customer enquiries.

Several companies are evaluating the chatbot app for business uses. In just six months after its launch Facebook had over 30,000 chatbots active, with many companies using them to address customer enquiries or order placement.

However the experience of using them has been less than successful. Buggy chats have only resulted in more frustrated customers as the bots often give incorrect or inappropriate responses. For instance, a customer might be presented with wrong choices during ordering or show up confusing errors.

Make A Careful Choice On Using ChatBots for Customer Service

Companies are always looking to harness technologies for more efficiency in their customer service function but a careful assessment is essential before deciding on its deployment.

A tech tool must add value rather than hurting the business. Despite its benefits, chatbots are not necessarily the right solution.

  1. Support in using website or filling applications: Customers struggling in navigating  a website or filling an application will be able receive live help via the co-browser tool which enables simultaneous and secure browsing
  2. Discussions regarding products during purchase process: Customers often look toward company representatives for expert advice during the buying process. With live video chats, customers will be able have an interactive discussion regarding their purchase.
  3. Issues during ordering or any online transaction: At times online transactions like placing an order or making a payment can result in errors. Troubleshooting using Omni channel support combining basic phone call with live cobrowsing can be used to deliver outstanding customer service
  4. Handling complex sensitive interactions: At several customer interaction points like online banking transactions or getting an airline ticket reissue requires a full dialogue which can be handled effectively via video chats