Whether it be a purchasing online or sorting out issues, customers are looking for a hassle-free and smooth experience when they visit a website. In fact, nearly 55 percent of highly satisfied customers have put easy purchasing experience as the top factor in a recent research report by MarketingSherpa. Customers want to be able to do what they want without running into hindrances or barriers.

Websites must therefore make every effort to deliver delightful customer experiences while remaining effective. They must ensure that customers do not feel the isolated or alienated during the online journey.

Friendly And Effective Websites For A Great Customer Experience Online

Online has indeed today become as vital a customer touchpoint as the in-store or retail presence. Customers log on sites to gather information, to look for solutions and compare competing products. It is at times the first point of contact between a customer and a company.

Organizations are recommended to focus on the following four factors to make the right impression and build strong customer connect:

  1. Easy navigability through the site: Customers visiting sites must be able to find what they are looking for without much trouble.
  2. Easily accessible in-depth information: The sites must have sufficient information on products or services present so customers can get the info they need
  3. Customer support availability : Customers must have the option to reach out to customer support instantly in case of any issues or questions
  4. Timely responses: Poor response time can result in Customers losing interest. Companies must respond swiftly in case of queries or issues.
  5. Multichannel support: Customers must have the option to reach out to customer support in any form convenient to them – video calls, messaging, or phone etc.

Why Real Time Interaction Platforms Are Critical To Superior Customer Service

Providing speedy and responsive customer service is key to great customer experiences online. With the real time virtual collaboration suite, this becomes possible. Companies can easily replicate the close attention and personalized service typically available within stores or retail locations.

The flexible and powerful platform has several features that can be used to ensure that customers don’t feel the distance while browsing online:

  • The real time interaction suite offers co-browsing through which an agent can step into a customer’s browsing session in a secure way to provide live help and step-by-step assistance
  • Live video chats can be used for face to face interaction which are helpful for complex discussions and instantaneous problem resolution
  • The platform facilities omni-channel support through which agents can provide support through cobrowsing, live video chat in combination with telephonic support.
  • The online document sharing features ensures a smooth flow of information between the agent and the customer as brochures, application forms or images can be shared instantaneously.

By deploying these tools, customers are able to get immediate help as they make decisions on their purchase or while seeking guidance, translating into outstanding customer experience which in turn boosts customer loyalty.