For banking customers, no doubt the mobile phone has added an additional layer of convenience.

With advantages like instant connectivity, ready access, and security feature the increasing adoption of mobile banking is no surprise. In fact, Juniper Research has predicted that by 2021 over 2 billion mobile users worldwide will be using their phones for banking purposes.

But extensive use of mobile phones or the internet for banking while convenient can have its disadvantages. It reduces direct contact between a customer and bank staff, which affects the customer experience. Customers may feel increased levels of frustration, reduced trust and in general feel less connected to the bank if all interactions become limited to impersonal channels. The real danger of this is that over time it can weaken the relationship the bank has with the customer

The Importance of Digital Engagement

Thanks to new technological innovations, a rich digital engagement approach can be rolled out that enhances customer interactions, be it on the internet or a mobile device.

Live engagement has been made easy with the web-RTC powered real-time collaboration suite of tools. Comprising a multifaceted set of solutions, the real-time engagement platform helps banking staff to help customers through transactions remotely.

Banking representatives can bring back the human touch through the use of tools such as cobrowsing, live video chat and document sharing providing guidance and support when needed.

Building Strong Customer Relationships with Live Help

Real-time engagement tools are a great way for a bank’s customer service agents to step in and offer live help to customers.

Filling in forms, sorting out issues, or providing information on financial products – in each such interaction, the agents can provide personalized attention as all relevant information regarding the customer such as account history, recent transactions, and preferences.

  • Personalized guidance via co browsing: With a co-browser bank staff can enter into a live interactive session remotely with the customer to explain or discuss requirements. The feature offers a secure and confidential channel for customers to get help for their issue without needing to visit the branch.
  • Video chat for face to face communication: In many occasions, a face-to-face chat delivers the benefit of direct conversation that closely mimics in-person interaction. Customers can ask questions, seek clarifications and agree on steps, all in one conversation making it highly effective and productive
  • Collaborative Form Completion: This feature enables agents to work with customers on form filling in real-time. The option of electronic signature is also inbuilt which eliminates the need for an in-person meeting. The final form can be saved as a PDF.
  • Easy document sharing:Transfer documents, statements or records in a jiffy while in a session with the online sharing tool. No more waiting for an email or direct post.

As Mobile banking gains popularity, easily accessible customer support is turning into a strategic priority for banks. Leverage real-time collaboration tools bring the ability to establish direct contact between bank staff and customers boosting customer satisfaction