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Miscommunication - Ten chat conversations that’ll leave you speechless
Miscommunication? Ten chat conversations that’ll leave you speechless
August 18, 2015

Miscommunication is common in customer-service departments. Both customers and customer-service representatives have horror stories they have accumulated during their chat interactions…

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2015: The rise in In-Store Kiosks
August 18, 2015

The use of self-service kiosks is on the rise. Industry segments such as transportation – airlines ticketing, government – US custom,…

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Stop - Is your Contact Center ready to this digital Holidays shopping season
Stop! Is your Contact Center ready to this digital Holidays shopping season?
August 18, 2015

In the retail industry, holidays season are significant as these are the times when retailers face massive increases in sales and…

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Video Chat & Co-browsing on Mobile Improvements| VeriShow 6.1
August 10, 2015

We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow. We have released closed beta versions and are now glad to announce the new and major new VeriShow release, 6.0. This release includes a new, HTML5-based customer experience

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Increasing Online Sales Using Co-Browsing
March 2, 2015

Online sales begin with online marketing to ensure that customers visit the website. Once that happens, the customer needs to be…

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Choosing the Right Co-browsing Technology
February 23, 2015

Introduction to Co-browsing Over the past year there has been a growing interest in adding co-browsing capabilities as a tool to help…

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How Companies Can Use Secure Cobrowsing To Meet Their Financial Goals
February 3, 2015

The digital landscape and the way people are engageing online is undergoing change every single day. As customers are becoming extremely…

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Co-Browsing Technology: The Ultimate in Digital Shopping Experience
January 29, 2015

Customer calls at customer-service desks get routinely un-replied, cut off, or outright ignored! Frustrated, tech-savvy customers of today are increasingly moving…

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Co-browsing Make a Difference with Real-time Engagement
Co-browsing: Make a Difference with Real-time Engagement
December 22, 2014

Customer service is the backbone of every successful business. The more a business interacts with their customers when they need it,…

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Launching Co-browser Platinum! New Technology, better Co-browsing Experience.
October 13, 2014

VeriShow 5.0 | Release Notes This important release includes a new version of the co-browser application and additional reporting capabilities! Co-browsing…

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