Online sales begin with online marketing to ensure that customers visit the website. Once that happens, the customer needs to be persuaded to make the purchase. This typically happens with great sales copy. However, sometimes customers are unable to find the product they need, what additional product specifications, need help filling in forms, or need help with placing the order. In such cases, the sale does not happen unless the customer receives the assistance they require.

For instance, a possible scenario could be involve a customer willing to make a purchase if they can avail of the discount offered. However, they might be unable to figure out where to enter the discount code. Another customer might be considering purchasing an item that requires assembly and wants to have a look at the assembly instructions before making the purchase. In both cases they are unlikely to complete the purchase unless they can find the information needed. This is made much easier if the website carries a button through which the customer can ask for live help. The customer service executive can then initiate co-browsing and help the customer locate the information needed with ease.

Greater Privacy for Customer

Unlike more traditional screen sharing software that will let the customer service executive view all of the customer’s tabs, windows, and screens, the co-browsing software restricts viewing to only the browser window.

Ease of Use

There is also greater ease of use as the co-browsing app does not require any downloads or Java. Instead, the customer service executive can immediately launch the co-browser, preventing any delays and guide the customer.

Additionally, the co-browser permits the customer service executive to view the current screen of the customer without any fresh login. This helps preserve cookie information such as items in the shopping cart, customer preferences regarding size, color, or language, and address. This again will save time in completing the transaction as the customer service representative can directly move on to addressing the issues.


The co-browsing app from VeriShow has great security features as well. This means that it is possible to co-browse secure pages, that is, those with https apart from http pages. Additionally, customers can ensure confidentiality of secure information such as credit card details by masking that information when the co-browsing app is in use.

Device Neutral

The co-browser from VeriShow is built using HTML5. This makes it device and browser neutral. The co-browser can be used with Mac, Windows computers and mobile devices using Android or iOS systems.

Other Potential Applications

The co-browsing solution from VeriShow can be used in numerous other applications such as in the finance industry. Here the solution can be used to help customers locate products that suit their needs, look at all relevant information, and also to guide the customer in filling online application forms. With the co-browser, the customer service representative can use the browser highlights to guide the customer to relevant fields and also explain exactly what information is needed using either a phone or chat window.

With increasingly more people preferring to shop online, online stores and outlets need to have facilities for more personalized interaction with customers in real time. This will help improve customer experience and also increase sales as customers are likely to complete the transaction at a single sitting. Delays in responding to customer requests for help or more information increases the risk of them changing their minds. Instead, real time, online support can ensure that the transaction is completed. Additionally, the customer service representative can also use the opportunity to upsell to willing customers.