Retaining and growing customer base requires businesses to consistently deliver superior online customer support. Customers are looking for online experiences that are smooth and hassle-free and this includes customer service.  Research has shown that over 55 percent of customers are likely to abandon their online journey if they are unable to find answers to their questions quickly. This is why companies need to ensure that the customer service channels online are geared to provide speedy resolution.

Prompt, helpful and immediate customer service is plays a major role in developing strong customer relationships.  Companies are increasingly deploying multiple forms of customer service channels to give customers varied choice in reaching out to company representatives while trying to solve their problems. Self-service options, phone calls, live video chat are just some such channels available.

But these solutions also need to have the flexibility to operate across channels since customers might prefer to shift between contact modes especially in case of complex issues or queries. This is particularly critical when escalations occur.

Virtual Engagement Tools Help Improve Customer Experience

Seamless transition from one channel to another without disruption or loss of time for customers is vital to avoid customer dissatisfaction. For instance, if a customer has initiated a live chat for an issue which might need additional support it must be possible to shift to a co-browsing session or live video chat without losing context or unnecessary delay. This capability ensures that the customers can move between channels as needed easily to solve their problems, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digital technologies have today evolved to offer companies solutions that can be easily deployed. One such technology is webRTC which is a cost-effective browser-based solution that can be used for instantaneous chat and video interaction.   Increasingly Video calls are seen as valuable tools as they enrich customer interactions. The face-to-face engagement ensures that the customer is able to communicate with a live company representation improving speed of resolution and consequently building customer rapport and trust.

Here are some of the ways in which live engagement platform can enhance online customer service:

  1. Comprehensive support: Virtual engagement tools offer a range of support that encompasses visual interactions and live help. Agents will be able to provide appropriate help at the correct time which reduces frustrations and improves customer experience with the company.
  1. Personalized Service: Real time engagement tools powered by webRTC enable companies to install services that support customers through every stage of their online journey with the exact help desired.
  1. Easy escalation – Customer can easily switch between live chat, video chat and co-browsing at a click of a button. This ease ensures that the customers can have access to the right form of help immediately.
  1. Context aware: Live support tools are contextually aware, this implies that customers do not have to repeat information as representatives are able to understand the history of the customer’s online journey even when channels are switched.
Real-time Engagement Tools Drive Better Business Performance 

There are numerous tangible business benefits from deploying the real-time engagement platform that support live video chats. Companies are able to deliver higher quality of customer service that ensures better business performance: 

  1. Lower site abandonment: When customers have easy access to prompt service, they are less likely to give up their transaction on a website. Live video chat can help them speak to a human which improves trust and provides reassurance. 
  1. Higher productivity: With RTC-powered tools, agents are able to handle customer queries with video. This results in higher first call resolution (FCR) rates and lowered average handle time (AHT) of the calls. Customers find their requirements are met with high levels of understanding and support. 
  1. Flexible across platforms: Whether web or mobile, real-time engagement tools can be readily deployed to provide instantaneous support. With no added downloads or installations this technology is easy to implement whatever the platform.
  1. Cost effective & instant solution: With no requirement for special software or licenses, webRTC powered solutions are a cost effective solution for companies looking to provide top notch customer service. They can be installed within website, allowing customers to initiate conversations with just a click of a button from any webpage.