Let’s say you’ve deployed multimedia chat. You’ve taken a big step toward better customer support and increased sales rates. However, you still have one important step to go if you want to reach that goal. Technology alone isn’t effective without a team well trained in the principles of good customer service.

In e-business, the right customer support technology + the right people = higher website conversions. You have the first element of this equation. Here’s how you get the second:

  1. Hire well. Customer service requires a candidate who can multi-task and maintain a friendly tone and demeanor under stress. Patience is essential, especially in multimedia chat. Unlike customers who call for support, those who opt in for Web-based engagement want to leave channels open until their issues are resolved. Your team should be comprised of professionals capable of making the most of longer sessions to solve customer problems and upsell.
  2. Train carefully. VeriShow’s technology is easy to use, but you should train your team to spot opportunities for bringing in various apps. Sometimes, text chat will be adequate.Other instances will require more in-depth support through video, joint form fill, document sharing, etc. Train your reps. so they are knowledgeable about your products and services, as well as about multimedia chat best practices.
  3. Monitor performance. Check in on your team to determine their success rates. Retrain or mentor as necessary to ensure success.
  4. Solicit feedback. When you talk with your reps regularly and encourage them to talk with each other, good things happen. First, team members can share experiences and successes that can lead to better results for everyone. Second, they can deliver feedback gleaned from customer sessions to influence product or service improvements.