This new version of VeriShow includes various enhancements.

VeriShare – Take Snapshots from Customer’s Mobile

Video chat has been supported for a while in VeriShow. The new VeriShare features allow customers to show agents real-life objects more easily (e.g. broken device) and discuss with them in real time.

The following are the various enhancements added to VeriShow’s live mobile video chat:

  • Mobile video Chat – The agent can carry out a video chat with a mobile customer as before
  • Camera switching support – Customers can switch between the smartphone’s front and rear cameras
  • Snapshots – The agent can take snapshots as necessary while customer’s video is showm from front (e.g. for proof of ID) or rear cameras (e.g. show damaged car)
  • Real-time sharing and annotation – The agent and customer discuss the snapshot with the customer in real time, annotate it and save at your end

VeriShare - Customer showing a device to an

Customer showing to agent a device in real-time by video and agent taking a screenshot and annotating.

Bug Fixes

This version addressed identified issues, including:

  • Main menu issue – in some rare occasions, the app menu would not show
  • Salesforce integration – clicking on Talk right when the VeriShow loads at times would not show the video chat area
  • Start chat with content area – UI layout issue fixed
VeriShare Demo? Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to see a demo of VeriShare, please contact us.