Amazon has just released two new models for Kindle Fire HDX. As Wired magazine reports, the most interesting feature of those is actually a live support feature (called Mayday). This feature enables the customer to see the agent, talk to him or her and share the customer’s tablet screen and in real-time. The Amazon support staff can provide live support using the in-built feature, can guide the visitor on their tablet, answer questions and can even take control. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos told Wired magazine that the service’s goal is to elevate the experience of the technical support.

This move by Amazon is the latest indication in companies’ growing interest in providing real-time live support by video that also includes co-browsing or screen sharing.

Most companies provide lots of support info online, yet when a customer wants hand-holding help from a human, they have to work for it.

With phone based customer support, a customer has to search for the phone number, go through several phone menus, wait significant amount of time on hold, and then try and explain what he or she is looking at to a support agent that is essentially flying blind….

With a live chat option, if a customer gets to chat with a person and he or she needs in-depth information the chances are that the support person is talking to 3 other people at the same time and also have no idea what the customer is looking at…

All this friction is very frustrating and it exists because it is cost-effective. However, is it always the case? How many business miss opportunities by not being there in person when the customer wants to interact with a human being and be hand-held in the shopping process?



Amazon Mayday video tech support for Kindle Fire HDX by Slashgear


Adding live video help to your service

We all like to be treated as humans when receiving services, and now also influencing figures from within the internet industry are saying just that. VeriShow offers such May day solution to any site that wishes to improve both its conversion and service.

Adding audio and video support, real-time content sharing, co-browsing and screen sharing features is likely to become standard. VeriShow has been providing a live help service that includes the real-time live video support and sharing features for a while now.

Deploying a similar solution to Amazon’s could not be easier with VeriShow’s platform. A live help button can be added to your site, this will allow you to monitor your site visitors and even invite visitors to a chat if you see that they are interested in a particular service or product (e.g. they have looked at several pages of the same product). Visitors clicking on the live help button will appear at the agents’ side who will be able to answer their calls.

Interested in a demo?

If you would like to see the live video help with content sharing and co-browsing action, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a demo!