VeriShow 4.9 | Release Notes

A new release of VeriShow is out and includes an improvement to our co-browsing, stability and bug fixes.

Co-browser Improvements

A few improvements were made to the co-browser and include:

  • Major user experience improvement in the co-browser version in the LivePerson integration – In previous versions the co-browser at the agent side was opened in a new window which meant that the agent had to chat in one window and use the co-browser in another. With our continuing effort to improve the user experience for the agent, co-browser at the agent side now takes place within the agent console.
  • Support for “mixed” HTTP/HTTPS Co-browsing – we previously required the co-browsed website to serve all content on site through HTTPS if the site has a secure area to be co-browsed. The new version supports co-browsing of non-secure and secure areas without that requirement.
  • Speed – Cobrowsing speed has been improved, this is particularly noticeable in the VeriShow for LivePerson integration.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Bugs fixed and stability improvements include:

  • UI issues in transitions from and to Co-browser – the bug resulted in disappearance of content area when switching from content sharing to co-browsing and back.
  • Audio/video UI issue – the bug resulted in distorted A/V when launching the co-browser after using audio/video and then sharing content.
  • “Action unsupported” error – a bug that resulted in the co-browser showing this message when irrelevant has been addressed.
  • Improved infrastructure for audio/video recording – changes made to the infrastructure of how recordings of audio/video are saved addresses a related bug and improves the stability of audio/video usage.

Other Updates

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8 – support for this browser is confirmed.
  • Option for custom offline image and link in live help button embedding – it is now possible to define a custom image (parameter: offline_img_url=) and custom link (parameter: offline_link=) for when an agent is not available to take calls the the call button shows an offline state. This can enables companies in showing other content on their site while the agent is offline and linking that content to a URL of their choice. If you need any assistance with implementing this, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have any questions or would like to see VeriShow in action, please contact us for a demo.