As the Holiday seasons are gradually approaching, the following online buying behaviors can be noted based on the online shopping activities of previous years:

  • Millennials and Generation Z are almost exclusively buying gifts for families, friends, or co-workers on the net.
  • Generation X are increasingly buying online and appreciate assisted buying support from sales representatives.
  • The volume of returns and exchanges of products are higher during this season than in other times of the year.
  • When product issues are not resolved easily, online customers are contacting online customer-service departments to report their grievances.

The article Communication in 2015: Text, Voice, Video, or In-Person implies that as technology continues to evolve, more retailers are likely to engage in live video chats and co-browsing for their business communications this year to improve customer service. Thus, it is presumed that the use of these communication technologies will peak around the Holiday season and call center should be prepared for that pick (see

 More Buyers in US UK Opt for Online Shopping during the Festive Season pinpoints the upward trend of digital shopping around the Holiday seasons in both UK and US. With each passing year, the volume of online shoppers around the Holiday seems to be steadily going up. Two reasons behind this trend may be the increasing net-savvy population and the strong presence of the Millennials and Generation Z net users. The assisted navigation, provided by co-browsing technology is popular among the older and younger generations of online shoppers and this popularity is likely to stay as more complex products and services are being offered online.

Addressing customer-service queries

As discussed in Live Chat Services Ensure Instant Query Solutions, live chat with co-browsing facility provides an easy and acceptable way for resolving purchase or service issues, which otherwise would have taken many frustrating phone calls, emails, or text chat sessions to solve. The immediacy, the psychological assurance, and the 24/7 availability of real-time engagements makes technology-enabled face-to-face communications so necessary for building customer loyalty.

Resolving customer queries or issues

This Holidays season, customer service, or technical support departments are likely to tackle their customers much more than ever before through live video chats and co-browsing in order to resolve issues on the first call. The good thing about these new technologies is that they can be combined with the traditional text chat, voice chat, email, or voice call to enable an instant communication channel. Most modern customers prefer to resolve issues via live video chat, as it simulates the in-person experience of a physical interaction between an agent and a customer.

Ecommerce site sales support

5 Reasons to Implement Live Chat on an Ecommerce Website has reported a high customer satisfaction rate with live video chat technology. The immediacy factor of the real-time engagement is the main reason behind this high satisfaction rate. If co-browsing is combined with the chat platform, that will equip the customer-service departments with an additional tool to handle customer queries or issues around the busy Holiday season.