For a pharmaceutical representative, the sales process should be straightforward. By the time a new drug comes onto the market, it has undergone discovery, development, testing and vetting by a federal agency. The research and development process for drugs is so extensive; the rep. who sells these products is armed with significant data from trials and studies. “This is the drug, this is what it does, and this is why your patients need it.” What sales pitch could be more effective?

The challenge for these reps. is getting face time with busy physicians, who want the best for their patients, but who don’t have a lot of free time outside of their regular duties. For these sales calls, a live online session can be even better than being there face-to-face, since no one has to devote the extra time required to travel to a meeting.

Let’s say a sales rep. has a new drug to share with a doctor. She can use VeriShow’s live chat with real-time content sharing to present all she needs, online.

Through real-time content sharing and video conferencing, this sales rep. can illustrate her respect for the physician’s time constraints while still demonstrating the value of the new product and the studies that confirm its importance. The two can communicate instantly, without any downloads or technical hurdles. Both parties become more efficient. The pharmaceutical rep. makes her sale, the doctor gets educated about the latest drug remedies, and his patients gain access to the most effective treatments.

This is just one of many business challenges solved by enhanced chat. Want to see it in action? Check out the video, or try it for yourself.