Web Video Chat: Transforming Banking and Financial Operations

Through the long recession and financial crisis, the worldwide banking and financial institutions not only lost massive amounts of capital but also lost credibility! Right now, to gain the trust of their customers back, banks need to enforce transparency in all their operations.

The current banking scenario shows these trends:

  • As 90% of banking operations have moved online, the present-day customers expect more “human interactions” in all their operations—from locating and exploring information to executing online transactions.
  • According to Loyalty 360, globally, 7 in 10 consumers and 92% of bankers are comfortable using virtual technology.
  • A Free Patents Online survey found that increasingly, banking customers are choosing the online or mobile platform as the preferred platform for information research, though they would open an account in a physical branch. The same is true for financial sector customers.
  • Thus it is apparent that today’s banking and financial customers want the “speed” of digital information access, but cannot give up the “safety” and” sustainability” of human interactions.

Moreover, because of comfort with technology, the millennial generation as customers, have higher expectations from banking operations and service models, enabled by secure and sustainable technologies.

The Next Best Thing to a Physical Customer Help-Desk: Web Video Chat

The VeriShow SaaS-based application platform brings fast, efficient, and personalized service support capabilities to the desktops or mobile screens of the bank customers.

In all types of business communication, two elements are highly desirable—the non-verbal messages and the visual evidence of claims. VeriShow’s web video chat offers both these elements. They go a long way in making the customers feel more comfortable.

According to Accenture’s Banking Technology Vision 2010, the technology adoption that took place over the last five yearswas solely based on “elasticity” of operational strategies to respond to turbulent economic times. Investments in customer-care technologies have left long-lasting positive effects on the global banking sector.

The VeriShow platform is a fitting answer to the need for an “elastic” operational strategy for high performance in the banking and financial sectors.

  • Elasticity for High Performance : The VeriShow platform with its web video chat opens up a Pandora’s Box of service opportunities to the bank’s customer representative by enablingcollaboration with real-time communication, multiple information delivery channels, and more use of unstructured data like images or voice.
  • Increased Sales : The combined multi-chat, co-browsing, and content-sharing facilities have promising capabilities to convert website visitors into customers. The speed, security, and sustenance of information exchange and delivery offered by this technology is unparallel.
  • Redefined Customer Service: VeriShow’s Web RTC-integrated, chat facilities, strengthened by co-browsing and content-sharing offer transformation customer-support capabilities. The bank’s service representative can literally walk the customer through all queries, procedures, and tasks as a representative would do in a physical bank branch.
  • Visual Support with Banking Operations : An online client, while navigating a bank’s website can get stuck at any time with certain routine tasks like money transfer, credit-card payment, or statement download. At that point, the customer will have the option to launch web video chat through a single mouse click to get instant guided support.Windows PC as well as mobile devices.