Shares Videos Online for Value-Added Pre-Sales Services

The three most important achievements of digital storefronts are:

  • Speed, convenience, and reduced cost of business operations
  • Anytime, anyplace shopping with assisted self service
  • Highly personalized shopping experiences

Gartner says that by 2017, 89% of marketers will make customer experience the primary differentiator in their competitive strategies. According to, The Hottest Technology Trends Affecting Retail, the current retail industry business models are creating massive reservoirs of consumer data, product data, and market data, which may need to be shared with the customer from time to time. It is projected that digital retailers who can deliver information in more personal and relevant ways are slated to steal market share from their competitors.

Today’s hyper-connected consumers want information on their fingertips when they want, where they want, and how they want! That certainly sounds challenging, even with the provisioned, technological infrastructure. Market leaders feel this kind of instant sales service can close the gap between online and physical shopping experiences.

Customers enjoy customized sales support to quicken their buying processes. Thus technologies or tools that deliver “data” on a preferred channel quickly and reliably will lead to customer experience centered on value and convenience.

As consumers continue to upgrade their smart-phones with new apps, a technology like VeriShow can certainly enable retailers to share videos online for value-added information-delivery services to digital shoppers.

Cross-Channel Sharing of Just-in-Time Information with Millennial Customers:

Today’s consumer has successfully embraced the digital world into their physical world, so they demand buying “decisions empowered by information.” Thus digital storefronts have immense opportunity to lure consumer traffic by harnessing digital data and offering information-packed videos or guide books.

The digital-retail sale process often depends on the quality of the customer engagement. In such a customer-centric environment, retailers are constantly evaluating technology platforms to adequately capture and deliver pre-sales or other business data to lure customers.

A technology like the VeriShow platform with its built-in facilities enable digital storefronts to share videos online, which can act as effective pre-sales tools. A common complaint among digital shoppers is that they have to hunt through hours of useless information to find answers to highly specific queries about products or services.

A Good Video blog post titled This week in online video May 11-15 indicates that 80% of consumers consider product videos important in the purchasing process. Another blog post suggests product videos help keep online shoppers engaged, informed, and inspired.

VeriShow’s Chat Platform with Provision to Share Videos Online:

These are the realized benefits of VeriShow chat platform with tool to share video online:

  • Platform integration for superior customer engagement : The easy integration of VeriShow with YouTube or Sales Force enables seamless video sharing across delivery platforms.
  • Enhanced customer relationship management : Most digital retailers begin their customer relationship management in the pre-sales phase, so the useful videos they share with customers at this stage can help forge long-lasting customer engagements.
  • App-based solution delivery for personalized experience : Find out more about VeriShow platform with the ability to share videos online.

Find out more about VeriShow platform with the ability to share videos online.