Live Video Conference: A Disruptive Technology for the Global Healthcare Industry

As most research reports indicate, the rapid digitization of the global healthcare industry is here to stay and gain momentum in the future years. According to Five Key Trends Reshaping the Future of Healthcare, the rapid digitization has been most strongly felt by global consumers in the recent surge of healthcare apps available through the web and mobile platforms. As powerful technologies like mobility, broadband, social, and computing continue to emerge, remote, technology-aided delivery of healthcare services will soon become a norm rather than a passing fad. This same report also states that future mobility solutions will transform care- management environments, where healthcare will be increasingly dependent on remote monitoring and remote interventions.

In the healthcare insurance market, more and more customers are demanding an active role in selecting and tailoring their health-benefit plan, and technology is about to offer plug-and-play “build-your-own benefit plan” in the near future. Moreover, along with technology, customers are also demanding direct support from insurers to easily comprehend the products and services.

Among the most sought after technologies for Tele-health, the live video chat has gained popularity for remote patient consultation, especially where physical mobility is an issue among ill, disabled, or older citizens.

What Does VeriShow Live Video Conference Offer to the Healthcare Industry?

VeriShow offers a customer-friendly, live instruction platform for all types of healthcare businesses and services who believe in delivering a highly personalized, anytime, anyplace, healthcare facilities to their global customers. Verishow’s modular structure enables users to select specific apps, such as text chat, WebRTC-based live video conference, support for voice calls, co-browsing facility, and offline content sharing, and mobile support.

Most sessions would first start with chat or video chat and then based on the conversation’s context, expand to include co-browsing and content sharing for enhanced document sharing and discussions.

Scenario 1: VeriShow enables healthcare businesses to show and describe products, or even discuss after-sales services in person though live video conference sessions.

Scenario 2: A remote medical facility is discussing a complex medical procedure and test preparation to a patient while reviewing the patient documents. The medical practitioner can share the relevant documents offline with the patient, and then request the patient to upload these documents, so that both the medical practitioner and the patient can co-browse these documents together. All these interactions can take only through the “live chat” session.

The main benefits of the VeriShow live video chat platform are “in-person” engagement and high-touch customer service, just as if the customers or patients are physically present in a healthcare facility.

Give visitors one-click access to rich live website support communication and collaboration tools, including audio, video-conferencing, document and file sharing, co-form filling and much more.

Live Mobile Touch enables customers to engage with any healthcare provider from any location instantly through a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi mobile network. The text chat, video chat, content sharing and co-browsing capabilities are fully available on Android and Apple devices

The solution provides vendors with the opportunity to provide a better customer service that leads to higher level of sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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