Live Chat Magento

Magento™ Live Chat

Enhance your Magento website or blog with a Magento live chat plugin that has audio and video capabilities and real-time content sharing.

VeriShow is the first multimedia platform for delivering live help and real-time support to website owners. Magento website owners can now provide valuable customer service, sales and marketing support with the VeriShow Magento plugin. With rich, enhanced chat features, this live chat Magento plugin helps companies do business better online.

Feature Highlights

  • Interact with site visitors in real time – relate with customers using live chat, voice and video.
  • Host a site visit with real-time multimedia tools – show users content such as product documents, images and videos, use a live video feed to show a real-life object and more.
  • Annotate while you chat – point out a feature on a product document or image and save the document.
  • Form completion and electronic signatures – help your visitors complete online forms and applications.

Your Magento visitors can access

live chat, video conferencing and

real-time content-sharing.

What’s required?

VeriShow is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which means you do not have to download any software. All you need to do is install and integrate the live chat for Magento plugin and in fewer than five minutes, you can start using our advanced chat capabilities to close more deals and convert more customers online.

Ready to install?

Get the VeriShow Live Chat Magento plugin. Need help? Do not hesitate to contact us.