Digital Retailers Deliver Exemplary Customer Service with Integrated Chat with Cobrowse Facility

Whether traditional or digital, the retail industry has been synonymous with customer service. Decades of retail-industry experience has proved to retail-business owners that retail businesses, however big or reputed, cannot survive without excellent customer service. Now, with the digital storefronts, the widespread, retail-industry perception is that today’s “omni-channel consumers,” are expecting more out of their service experiences—from initial engagement with a digital retailer to post-purchase interactions.

  • The right level of speed and engagement for personalized shopping experience
  • Great customer service delivered through many channels.

The Baby Boomers, in their 60s or 70s now, rapidly adopt digital models of retail business for its “anytime, anyplace” convenience and availability of many different payment options. On the other hand, the Millennium generation, in their teens or 20s, aggressively favors the digital shopping channels for its ever-increasing technological tools and services. This Vendhq article states that according to an Accenture research:

“By the next decade, the Millennial generation, roughly ages 18 to 34, is expected to displace the baby boomers as the nation’s biggest consumer buying group, generating a projected $1.4 trillion in spending by 2020.”

According to David VanAmburg, Managing Director of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), very soon tools like email and online chat will be overtaken by trump call centers in retail and a host of other service industries for ease-of-use and overall satisfaction. What is different about the professional call centers is that they have already adopted advanced technologies like Omni-channel chat, co-browsing, or content sharing for better customer service.

Case study: Bauble Bar

A Jewelry e-commerce startup Bauble Bar uses live video conferencing with co-browsing facility to enable the customers to interact with a stylist for buying recommendations. The co-browsing facility designed to add value to the customer’s buying experience has proved a winner for Bauble Bar. Five months after the launch of video conference and cobrowse facilities, this business experienced a 300% hike in average order value. This dramatic turn of events proved beyond doubt that video chats with cobrowse systems deliver a highly personalized shopping experience.

So how can VeriShow’s cobrowse tool help all types of retailers enhance their customer- service facilities?

VeriShow Co-browse : Assisted Self Service for the Demanding Customers

As the retail consumers are increasingly interested in the personalized shopping experiences, retailers need to provide the tools, channels, shopping strategies that fulfill customer needs. One such effective tool is VeriShow’s co-browse tool that is integrated with the platform’s chat service. This approach to digital engagement is like having someone stand right behind you and help you through the process.

The digital retail consumers can retrieve the following benefits from cobrowse tool on the VeriShow platform:

  • The availability of human help when necessary during the product selection or buying process.
  • The ability to view product or service pages together with a sales or customer representative for guided decision making.
  • The additional ability to discuss or exchange ideas or opinions about specific products on view mode.
  • The ability to share documents or images for a complete shopping experience.

You probably cannot wait to discover VeriShow’s cobrowse facility.