VeriShow Cobrowse Software Targets the Re-engineered Kiosks of Future

Although the Gen-Z of the future marketplace may wish to engage in a completely automated customer-service environment without any live support, the Millennials of today’s marketplace seek and favor the customer assistance as and when they need it in an otherwise automated environment.

Allied Market Research states that the fastest growing self-service industry segment is the kiosk market. This research organization has published a comprehensive Report on the Global Self-Service Technology Market, which predicts that the future generation of customers (presumably, Gen Z) will demand more automated machines with many options and without any manual intervention at any stage of customer support. This same Report also states hat the vending kiosk market will generate 57% of the revenue in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and African markets.

At the other end of this self-service industry growth, the prominent trend has been vertical market penetration with kiosks targeting niche segments. An example of this trend may be found in “Preventive Healthcare Technologies and Services Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020,” published by Transparency Market Research, which states that the automated screening technologies have been predicted to be the fast growing segment capitalizing on the growth of telehealth kiosks.

To support this growing trend of vertical penetration in mind, VeriShow offers its iLiveKiosk application platform that can fit right into the moulds of telehealth, call center, or in-store customer-service operations. In fact, the kiosks of tomorrow may start behaving more like intelligent vending machines rather than dumb, informational kiosks—directing the users to products, services or other operational choices based on their inputs.

With the help of a mouse click, the customer can launch VeriShow’s kiosk application, designed to deliver remote but live help with a co-browser tool viewing pages with customers in real time or the content-sharing tool for an interactive discussion.

As the increasingly techno-savvy customers continue to demand more from their “machines,” the modern kiosks can hope to hold their undivided attention by:

  • Proving mechanisms for custom, interactive content
  • Providing customers more self-directed choices
  • ersonalized customer-service experience

Customer increasingly want to be “in charge” of their machine interactions. In retail businesses these days, sensors can recognize customersthrough their inputs, and thereby provide highly personalized messages through any preferred channel—mobile, website, social, television, or an interactive kiosk.

Benefits of VeriShow platform for in-store kiosks:

  • A single, integrated solution for retailers or customer-service departments.
  • The iLiveKiosk provides multi-channel customer-service solution at a low cost.
  • A globally networked retailer can use trained experts to remotely handle their global customers on any location via the VeriShow live chat with cobrowse software
  • Reduced waiting queue for patients, or call-center customers.
  • Video chat with cobrowse software enables remote support, problem resolution, and in-person guidance to customers.
  • The trained customer service personnel can use the cobrowser software with multi-chat platform to answer customer queries or resolve problems with direct evidence if necessary.