Co Browse

AThe inherent convenience and flexibility of online transactions has boosted its popularity. Not surprisingly, complex processes in addition to more and more content are moving to the web which can at times result in the need for a personal touch. VeriShow’s co-browse technology is visual tool that can add a show-and-tell component to online interactions between company representatives and customers, improving its effectiveness .

Co-browse is a technological solution that enables joint navigation of a website by two people remotely. A company executive can initiate a session whereby the customer can receive real-time guidance without any loss of privacy.

VeriShow’s co-browse tool is a valuable addition to the customer service tool box for delivering personalized and enriched online interactions. Its collaborative nature opens up a number of possibilities for its use, be it a sales transaction or a support issue.

Features Of VeriShow’s Visual Co-Browse Tool

  • No-Fuss Technological Solution: The Co-browse tool is a simple browser based tool that needs not separate investment into hardware or software. Low maintenance yet high impact, the tool is essential for providing visual cues to customers
  • Contextual And Real-time: Online transactions can sometimes become complicated which can stump even the most experienced of customers. The Co-browse solution makes it possible for agents to step into the situation at the appropriate moment and resolve it. The initiation of the session does not disrupt the customer’s journey and allows the agent to get the true picture of the situation.
  • Highly Secure And Non-Invasive: Verishow’s Co-browse  is designed to maintain confidentiality. It automatically masks sensitive data such as credit card numbers. The tool also limits the exposure on the customer’s end to the concerned webpage alone unlike screen-sharing software. Requiring just  a simple access-code , the customer is saved from any tedious software downloads
  • Collaborative Interaction: The Co-browse is a collaborative tool since it allows the agent to interact on the customer’s webpage enabling actions like highlighting, simultaneous scrolling and joint cursor movements. This enables the agent to give a live and persuasive demonstration that can engage the customer with its visual nature.

Get An Edge In Customer Service Excellence With VeriShow’s Co-Browse Technology

Whatever be the nature of the transaction co-browse technology offers a number of benefits for companies:

  • Increased Sales : Rather than depending on unidimensional interaction, co-browse is a fantastic way for sales agents to showcase product features in rich detail. Sales staff can also take the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell based on their understanding of customer needs. 
  • Reduced Customer Frustration: An unexpected issue in a transaction or a quick question can make the customer feel the need to have access to a live person from the company. By using combining VeriShow’s suite of real-time tools such as live chat and co-browse an agent can quickly resolve the issue without the customer having to formally make a complaint or worse abandon the site.
  • Improved Sales Productivity: Cart abandonment is a perennial problem and co-browse can help tackle it. Customer confusion or frustration is the primary reasons for customers to give up on a purchase – co-browse can be used to resolve issues and give solution and support that give reassurance to customers, resulting in higher sales closures
  • Speedier Customer service : By its very nature, online transactions needs to be fast and efficient. The same expectation extends to online customer service levels from companies as well. Calling call center or email complaints are now becoming less preferred as they often delay responses. In contrast, live help can result in speedy resolution that also reduces handling time of customer tickets.

Differentiated customer service has always been an important reason for business success. When a business consistently delivers responsive and supportive service, customers have no hesitation in continuing their patronage and recommending it to others. Verishow’s co-browse is a must-have tool with its capability to deliver compelling online experiences.