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Why is Co-browsing the Ultimate Live help Service?


Co-Browsing. It’s not a term you hear very often. In this post we’ll investigate just what co-browsing means, and some of the benefits that your company can potentially derive from the technology – both in terms of sales and customer support. According to Wikipedia, Co-browsing is defined as “…the joint navigation through the Internet by two or more people accessing the same web pages at the same time.” Co-browsing differs significantly from some other technologies, such […]


This Month’s Top 5 Customer Service Shout Outs on Twitter

Online chat

It’s November, everyone. As we always, let’s recap on the five best customer service shout outs on Twitter in the past month. These are real people talking about the benefits they’ve seen from either employing or interacting with engaging, real-time (and hopefully multimedia-friendly!) online customer service. How much more proof do you need? Companies that are not only reacting to customer demands, but also anticipating and satisfying online shopping preferences, see greater customer loyalty, increased […]


VeriShow Discussing Advancements to Live Chat at ad:tech New York


This week at ad:tech New York, VeriShow is on the floor at booth number 1437, discussing what marketers can expect in the next year to enhance their customer support and sales tactics with live chat on their website. Most online marketers know that they can improve sales, website conversion and customer service through live chat, but have yet to realize the potential in offering real-time content sharing, audio and video capabilities as well. Further, when […]


How To Make Checkout More Personal Online


Have you ever used the self-checkout at the grocery store? You pile on your cucumbers, lettuce and apples onto the tiny platform next to the scanner. Cucumbers, two for $1.50. Lettuce, $2.25. Apples…uh. The scanner can’t find a price tag on the apples, and you can’t remember the variety you chose. You scan through screens of pictures trying to match the fruit to the pictures the store provided. You get frustrated and finally call someone […]


Practicing What We Preach – VeriShow Support via Video


  One of the primary reasons for VeriShow’s creation and popularity is the fact that individuals learn in very different ways. One customer might respond well to text chat, another might need more audio or visual support in order to convert or resolve a service issue. With the wide range of learning styles in mind, we’re building the VeriShow YouTube channel to meet the needs of every user. Need a video to help you make […]


4 Popular Levels of Customer Engagement

Levels of Engagement

Today’s online marketers and retailers are eager to deliver “customer engagement” But you need to meet your customers at their preferred levels of engagement. Enhancing chat with multimedia apps can be an effective way to meet that goal in real time. However, e-businesses should first determine which levels of engagement are appropriate for – and welcomed by – individual customers and prospects. Here are the likely customer engagement scenarios your customer service reps. will encounter. […]


Pamper High-Value Customers With Better e-Service


  E-businesses want to deliver superior customer service to all their prospects, but enterprises also recognize that for some sales, the demands on customer service are particularly high. Remember that scene in “Pretty Woman?” Richard Gere brings Julia Roberts into a swanky Beverly Hills boutique and flashes his gold card. There’s no limit on the shopping spree he orders up, so, in addition to the clothes and accessories trotted out for her approval, Julia Roberts’ […]


Facebook, Google+ roll out video chat. Brands ask, “Will it matter?”

Social media

Facebook’s recent announcement that users can now Skype each other on the social media platform has a lot of grandparents and far-flung friends excited about the service. But will it matter for brands? At the moment, the answer seems to be no, although there are some marketers on the nascent Google+ trying to make a go of it. As these two video options evolve, though, companies are likely to find that the best way to […]

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