With the evolution of e-commerce, consumers are now getting the benefit of real time personal customer service. It is changing the way consumers shop online. Prior for this wave of new interactive support technologies, shopping online especially for complex products and services, was a challenge keeping many potential buyers at bay.

When consumers are provided with enough information on a product they are interested in, it motivates them to go ahead and complete the transaction online. Applications like live video chat and co-browsing are constantly changing the face of the e-commerce industry by providing the consumers with a face to face, more personal way to engage. Once the consumer gets the immediate support from the assistant, he or she hesitates less before making the complex transactions. Better and more personal technology for live customer support makes online consumers feel as if the assistant is sitting right next to them which in turn builds loyalty and trust.

 Here’s a brief overview of the top benefits that come along with in depth and personal live customer support technology.

  1. It builds creditability and confidence

Live customer support builds creditability. When a vendor encounters a new prospect buyer, the vendor needs to make sure that they offer assistance so the new prospect doesn’t abandon their site. By being there in person, it makes the visitor feels that the vendor is there to provide help whenever needed.

  1. It provides information instantly

Live customer support puts the customer at ease because they are provided with instant access to relevant information about any product or services. They can be guided through the products with the live agent to ensure best understanding.

  1. Increase sales and customer satisfaction, together.

People are more willing to spend money on a product online if a live agent is there to make things clearer for them. Coincidently, it can also lead to a significant increase in sales as well as customer satisfaction numbers because it builds loyalty and trust.

  1. It makes big and complex transactions easy.

The customer, or anyone for that matter, feels more secure making big transactions in person because it minimizes the chances of fraud. In order to convince a customer to complete online complex transactions, they need to trust the service Live customer support agent lets the customer feel secure and more comfortable encouraging them complete complex online transactions.

 The latest improvements in online customer service communication helps reduce the risk factor associated with large and complex transactions and opens the door for a new wave of growth in online commerce..