Mobile optimized is a buzz word in the automotive industry, but dealers and vendors continue to underestimate the opportunity.  For most “mobile optimized” means how cool it looks on a small screen,  not how well it integrates with other data sources or processes.  When you think about it, solutions for a mobile device are much different than solutions for the desktop or notebook.

Why Mobile Internet is Different

Here are 5 differences dealers can consider:

1.)  On a desktop users have two hands on mobile device they have one.

2.) On a desktop you have a mouse on a mobile device you do not.

3.) On a desktop you don’t typically have access to a camera, video and recordings, text and microphone, on a mobile device you do.

4.) On a desktop user is sitting down on a mobile device they are walking around.

5.) On a desktop you generally do not have access to location, date/time awareness on a mobile device you do.

It is for these fundamental reasons that VeriShow is focusing on the mobile users experience.  The common theme around mobile optimization is eliminating inefficient process with digital efficient ones.  For dealers, it’s not only about how visually attractive images are on the mobile screen, but how well you leverage access to the device once you are connected.  Website developers focus on visual attractiveness, S.E.O. and lead generation. VeriShow’s focus is real-time, digital collaboration from the first click.

VeriShow is pioneering original thinking in the area of mobile optimization for dealers.  By deploying solutions that connect visitors to dealers and other third party vendors in real-time with fast, accurate and efficient data capture.The rapid creation of mobile solutions will create significant innovations in the days ahead.

For example,  a mobile user engages a dealership inquiring about possibility of credit approval. Agent launches video-chat and document sharing to deliver a pre-approval form.  Agent and visitor complete form together, which is electronically submitted to provider.  Provider returns results and visitor receives confirmation during video-chat. At this point visitor can use camera on his mobile device to send over driver license and insurance card to begin the formal process, once pre-approved.  Process was video recorded for verification and compliance purposes.  This simplifies the credit approval process by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing data entry errors.  It also means quicker approval times and better experience for the mobile user.  Transaction is stored in secure cloud environment in the event of a dispute or compliance audit.

The example above is not a future hypothetical but a current real-world solution.  Dealers who shift their focus from aesthetics to function will uncover new strategies for mobile users.  Gaining access to the technology the user has in their pocket and connecting it to technology the dealer uses every day will open more opportunities.   Optimizing for mobile is one of the biggest opportunity dealers have today.