The world has been steadily moving towards on-line and mobile commerce, and away from direct person-to-person interaction for several years now. No longer do companies, large or small, need to have bricks and mortar storefront presence to promote and sell their goods and services. And while this movement has enabled many businesses to reduce their overhead, in many ways it has made it somewhat more difficult “close the deal”. Buyers tend to make decisions based on emotion rather than logic, and it’s at this point that face to face selling can make all the difference.

Face to Face eCommerce Salesperson

So what are some of the other benefits of face to face selling, and how can you incorporate them into your current eCommerce business strategy?

Customizing your sales pitch

When coming to your website your potential customer is greeted with your standardized web page copy. Sure, it may do a great job of giving product specs, but that description cannot be customized for a given customer. Live sales support software with video chat allows to you meet your customer face to face within the eCommerce environment. With this software, customers can interact in real-time with your inside sales staff, and that one-on-one interaction allows your salesperson to ask questions of the customer and customizes their responses to the customer’s specific needs.

Watching body language

We all know the old adage that 75 percent of human communication is non-verbal communication. Now that your salesperson is engaged with the customer face to face, he can observe the customer’s body language and facial expressions, along with a host of other non-verbal movements. This not only enables your sales person to get immediate feedback on how well he is selling but also gives him clues as to which points are resonating with the customer and which points are not.

Instantaneous answers

We’ve all had the frustrating experience not being able to get the answers we need prior to making a purchase. Everyone feels more comfortable paying for a purchase when all of their questions have been answered. Your goal in an eCommerce environment is to make that process as painless as possible for the potential customer. By utilizing solutions such as online live help you can greatly improve your customer’s experience by providing her with a live person to answer those questions and help to close the sale, in particular when these include audio (VoIP) or video chat.

Live product demonstrations

Ever heard the expression the customer wants to “touch the bricks”? You will greatly enhance your on-line sales results if you can provide a way allow your prospective customers to do just that. Through the use of live chat audio and video software for business, you can enable your customers to actually see your physical products, and provide a mechanism whereby your salespeople can provide live demonstrations on how your products work.

Try it for your own online business!

If being able to communicate face to face with your customers in real time is something you’re like to add to your online business strategy, please contact us. We’d be happy to assist you.