The convenience of banking online is resulting in more and more customers exploring its usage for accessing banking services.  It’s not surprising thus for banks to have adopted online as a vital part of their omni-banking and digitalization strategy.

As a result, there is an urgent need for tools and technologies that can enhance online customer interaction and ensure that customers needs are met. This is critical for developing and retaining high levels of customer satisfaction, as whether novice or experienced, customers carrying out financial transactions need support and reassurance that no issues will arise.

That is why Video chat has been gaining ground as a prominent communication channel for banks as it  makes interaction easier.

Rather than waiting for in-person visits to carry out key transactions like applying for a loan, through the use of high-tech tools like video chat and co-browsing, customers can be gain the benefit of live human engagement.

The Importance of Using Video and Co-browsing Channels

Video chats using apps like Facebook, Skype, has become mainstream.  According to a Forrestor report , several companies in retail, financial services, healthcare among others have adopted video chat as a key way to connect with customers and provide interactive support to them at their moment of need.

The rich engagement provided by the channel increases customer satisfaction while reducing dispute-resolution time. Agents can provide quick answers to questions, sort out problems and offers live guidance to navigate through a site by the parallel use of co-browsing software

Enjoy Benefits of Virtual Banking Support Through Video Chat

A real-time collaboration platform offer a full suite of tools that can be leveraged to ensure a personalized service environment involving real-time content sharing, live discussions and productive conversations.

  1. Personalized Banking: The use of video chat in conjunction with a cobrowser enables agents to provide a personalized banking experience every time. Be it step-by-step assistance in understanding how a product or feature works or providing hand-holding during a complicated transaction, co-browsing and video chats can make the difference by providing human customer service.
  2. Multi-channel Customer Service: The omni-channel approach in customer communication makes sure that customers receive the exact type of help they need. Real-time engagement tools incorporate both visual interaction with a show-and-tell approach that results in quick problem solving.
  3. Sales Conversions at Lower Costs: The multi-faceted nature of the tools make is possible to serve customers correctly the first time, reducing scope for errors. Agents understand customer needs better and provide appropriate solutions which improve customer acquisitions and achieve sales conversions at a low cost
  4. Improved Customer Trust: The combination of online channel’s convenience and the security or support of in-person assistance makes real time collaboration tools crucial for increasing customer trust and satisfaction. The assurance given by use of video chat and cobrowsing boosts confidence of customers.
  5. Engage Across Mobile and Desktop Interfaces: The WebRTC-powered real time collaboration platform is flexible and fuss-free, having the capability of engaging with customers whatever be the device of connection, whether a smartphone, a desktop or a tablet.