Kiosks and Retail Services with Live Video Sharing Option

According to a Sandler Research study titled “Global Interactive Kiosk Market 2015-2019,” the self-service kiosk market will grow at 11% CAGR during the period under review. This Report also confirms that with retailers accounting for 46.35% of the earned revenue in 2014 kiosk market, this market segment has found renewed faith in kiosk-enabled customer interactions and customer service.

A Preventive Healthcare Technologies Market study by Transparency Market Research reports this market is projected to expand to about $145 billion in 2020. In this market, the automated screening technologies have been predicted to be the fast growing segment, thus indicating a rising demand for the customized, Tele-health kiosks.

Today’s redesigned kiosks not only cater to micro-customer segments, but also offer more self-driven choices to customers—thus providing greater opportunity for personalized service experience. As the increasingly techno-savvy customers continue to demand more from their “machines,” the re-engineered kiosks can be expected to deliver:

  • More choices or options for deriving information or completing tasks
  • More intelligent interactions enabled for the customers through a blend of automated and assisted self service.
  • More customer-centric and customer-created content thus enhancing the customer’s service experience

The in-store kiosks today are expected to recognize an old customer through inputs, and then based on the customer’s past interaction history, the intelligent application will guide or assist the customer in finding solutions through self exploration. The additional benefit is that now, the message delivery can happen through the customer’s chosen channel, which may be mobile, social, online, or through the interactive kiosk.

VeriShow, the industry leader in assisted customer-service solutions, brings the iLivekiosk platform to the customer-service industry, where live video chat can be combined with video sharing services to deliver interactive and personalized customer support.

Benefits of VeriShow’s live video chat with video sharing services:

  • A single solution for in person engagement and consultation with extended video-sharing capability, which may be especially useful for a Tele-health facility or a retail showroom.
  • A facility with geographically distributed units can implement centralized, customer support from any one location to remotely handle their global customers.
  • No travelling involved for either the business owner or the customers, thus saving a lot of time, money, and physical effort.
  • The video chat platform with video sharing services can facilitate remote, in person support during complicated medical or testing procedures, or even during step-by-step guidance on products or services.
  • The comprehensive video chat facility can enable interactive question-answer or problem-solution sessions between the customer service representatives and the customers.

The functionality of the complete VeriShow in-store application is ideal for kiosk-based customer service departments.