Since the time video chat was introduced, the technology improved significantly. Today, video chat is popular for day-to-day interactions in business environments as companies look to reduce traveling time and costs without compromising the personal touch and service quality.

By adding visual aspect to interactions, business communications have become easier and more effective. With video engagement, non-verbal body gestures are still part of the conversation making such engagement far more effective.

That’s why adding video chats brings a whole lot of benefits like improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Research firm Forrester’s report on video chat shows that along with better resolution rates companies see better ROI by using video chat effectively.

Encourage Concise and Vibrant Communication with Video Chat

Here are 6 ways in which video chats have made business interactions better:

  1. Enhanced employee productivity:Using emails or phone calls to discuss issues can often result in multiple rounds of discussions without solving the problem. The use of video chats ensures better understanding of the problem on hand which speeds up resolution.
  2. Product demonstrations or walkthroughs:Video chats can be used for product demos in which features and benefits can be described and shown live. Companies can also offer tutorials or hold webinars remotely to help customers or employees understand better.
  3. Interactive Virtual Meetings or discussions:Video chats can be used by companies to hold meetings with remote employees which eliminates unnecessary travel and cuts down on costs. This increases productivity and saves time.
  4. One-on-one live customer support:With video chats customers will be able to quickly explain their problems to agents. This makes it easier for agents to understand the issue and offer the correct solutions the first time itself.
  5. Engaging with disabled customers: It is only thanks to video chats that companies are now able to serve disabled customers who depend on sign language to communicate. The deaf or hard of hearing customers can communicate with representatives knowing the language.
  6. Multi-channel customer support: By incorporating video chats, businesses can now offer comprehensive customer support. Customers can combine video chat with cobrowsing to accomplish complex tasks like filling in financial applications with support from customer service agents.

With Real Time Collaboration Suite, Add Much More Than Video Chats

Video chatting businesses enhances competitive advantage and facilitates development of rapport between customers and agents. Using the real time virtual communication suite, company representatives are able to interact and engage far more deeply with customers which translates into exceptional customer experience.

This browser-based software comes with a range of communication tools:

  • Cobrowser for simultaneous browsing a web page while being geographically remote
  • Video chat to host face-to-face discussions
  • Online document sharing for securely transfer of documents during sessions
  • VeriTalk to help with support via the phone as well as through cobrowsing
  • VeriShare to enable customers share video captures live during a support call.