How Can Live “Video Chat Online” Shape the Kiosks of Tomorrow?

In a review of the self-service kiosk industry, Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks, comments “Now kiosk vendors have found specific niches that they are focusing on, whether it be healthcare, transportation, or e-government.”

The above quote indicates that the custom-design trend for automated kiosks, which started off in 2014, continues to rage the market through this year. Kiosk vendors are no longer interested in being everything to every market segment; rather, the kiosk hardware, along with its software platform, is packaged and delivered as one entity targeted to specific niches.

In today’s consumer markets, kiosks designed for transportation may not at all be suitable for in-store applications or healthcare. Thus, understanding a particular industry segment’s operational characteristics has become vital for a kiosk vendor to succeed in that particular segment.

Today’s kiosks, beginning with its customer-friendly design, has to offer solutions that exactly match the needs and expectations of niche industries and help reinforce the brand image of products or service they support. Today’s tech-savvy customers are not impressed with technology but with the overall engagement with the machine. The differentiated customer engagement, as all vendors recognize, can only come from the software applications that run on the kiosks.

To support this growing customization of in-store kiosks, VeriShow offers its iLiveKiosk application platform that can fit right into the moulds of tele-health, call center, or in-store customer-service operations. Kiosk vendors looking for real-time, video chat online with co-browsing and content-sharing functionalities will find a comprehensive solution in VeriShow in-store kiosk application.

As today’s retailers, call centers or remote health facilities continue to battle reduced operational budgets, increased need for efficient and low-cost services, and remote but live customer-service facilities, here some the tangible benefits that VeriShow’s platform offers to the modern business owners:

  • An integrated and centralized customer-service solution that can effectively mitigate operational costs and staffing needs.
  • A globally networked retailer, call center, or remote health facility can use few trained experts to remotely handle their global customers on any location.
  • No traveling required for customers and significantly lowered waiting queue on the digital customer-service desks.
  • The video chat online enables the remote, in person help and support to customers or patients.
  • The multi-chat facility with co-browsing and content sharing can facilitate guided help and support for customers in selecting products or services, filling forms, understanding procedures, or resolving specific problems.
  • The VeriShow video chat online application can be lunched anytime during an automated kiosk tour for more assisted self service.

Thus, it is evident that the VeriShow in-store kiosk solution can deliver a truly personalized customer-service.