As of Oct 31st VeriShow is officially a super-powered virtual meeting application.

With VeriShow’s session recording feature, VeriShow will record all session events (including text chat and collaboration activities, excluding audio and video conversations). The session host can later access any recorded session through the Session History option under Account Activity (in their account administration). Imagine no need to hunt for meeting notes or suffer through the task of bringing a latecomer up to speed. Finally! With just a few clicks review all your meetings! Take note of who had great ideas, who volunteered for what project, who was absent, who brought their A-Game. Make your meetings work for you (not vice-versa!) with VeriShow’s new recording features.

Another great meeting-related update is VeriShow’s new system of inviting meeting participants. Session hosts can now invite participants to join a session by using a unique session number. Invitees can enter their session number on the VeriShow homepage and viola – They have joined the meetings. This takes the guess work out of how to access a meeting that takes place in the VeriShow platform. Imagine you are on a conference call, but would much rather “show” your client your project plans then “tell” your client. With VeriShow you can direct them to the VeriShow homepage, tell them to input a number and poof! A collaborative multi-media session has begun.

Spark more effective conversation with an Audio Conference Call from a VeriShow virtual meeting!

VeriShow now allows users to communicate over the phone while working together from a live collaborative session. You can invite participants to conference in from the VeriShow interface. Finally, a way to minimize the stress that comes from using multi-medium to communicate (phone, web, live-meeting). The host and participants of the session can invite others to join a conference call. They can then dial into a conference call (number available on the left hand side) and communicate over the phone while working together in the live collaboration session. With VeriShow’s advanced telephony features (available by request only – so please contact us to participate in this great bonus feature!), you can finally have it all from your VeriShow virtual meetings.