What drives a business forward more than the excellence of its products and services? Simple. Its customers. If a customer isn’t as happy and satisfied as he is supposed to be, the business will grow at a slower rate. Therefore, it is of absolute importance to engage customers in such a way that bigger and more complex transactions are encouraged. Strong customer service efforts bring out the overall impression of a company which essentially helps the customers in differentiating one business from another.

The concept of general and departmental customer engagement is to be translated into an operational one throughout the business in order to let the customer “touch” the company. Once a customer feels that he can attain immediate assistance for his queries, he will trust the organization more and feel secure. This trust and loyalty between the customer and the business will boost the goodwill of the company. When a business has a good name in the market and a goodwill to be proud of, more and more consumers will smoothly flow in and feel encouraged to provide their personal information and make bigger and additional transactions online.

Online personal support will dominate the market of customer service in the coming years.

Consumers already prefer using a Live Text Chat application to get through to the customer service representative than wasting hours on a phone call or waiting for an email. Applications like Live Text Chat and Co-browsing essentially minimize the waiting time and let the CSR watch over their clients while they are browsing products online. Consumers can not only be provided with quick solutions but can also be guided through complex transactional processes. If a consumer feels the presence and guidance of another person during the transaction, they are more willing to continue and complete it.

According to, “Gartner says Weak Mobile Customer Service is Harming Customer Engagement”, by 2018, five percent of all customer service queries and support cases will be initiated by Internet – connected devices, a boost from 0.02 percent in 2014. It also says that more than 100 of the 500 topmost global business will switch to video – based chat by 2018 to provide the customer with a “personal” and “face-to-face” interaction. More than the other applications, Video Chat provides the consumer with a richer sense of information, sense of emotional support, expression, and real time sharing of informational content.

Video Chat comes with a number of benefits for the organizational customer service efforts such as:

  1. Face-to-Face Interactions: Customer can see and talk to the CSR directly rather than waiting for hours on a phone call and listening to an automatic machine.
  1. Reduction of Abandonment Rates: Since the consumer can now see and talk to the CSR, he will not end the conversation abruptly which would otherwise happen on a phone call if a given solution doesn’t work accordingly.
  1. Instant resolution of consumer queries: With the help of the Video Chat application, a CSR can instantly talk to the consumer and work up a solution for him by taking help of the Co-browsing application.
  1. Sense of Trust and Loyalty: When a consumer can see and converse with a person, they build trust and loyalty. This security is an emotional support allowing the customer to make more complex transactions online.