In the digital economy, companies are leveraging high tech innovations to do business in a more efficient and faster manner.
For long, businesses have depended on in-person visits to handle training sessions, customer support or complicated discussions due to the inherent limitations of other forms of communications like a phone call. Although effective, personal visits are time-consuming and expensive, making it an inefficient way to spend executive time. Other tools like screen-sharing are clunky requiring downloads and installations while having limited security.

According to Gartner, nearly 60 percent of customer interactions worldwide needed intervention of a human support. New tools like cobrowsing and video chats are becoming the bridge to improve efficiency without compromising the benefits of face-to-face interactions.

With co-browsing the human engagement is delivered with all the cost efficiency of remote interactions.  Forming a part of a flexible and powerful collaboration platform, co-browsing helps companies to handle remote interactions like training in an intuitive and convenient fashion, while retaining privacy.

It is therefore no surprise that companies are keen to utilize such tools for a carrying out client-related activities.  For training session, a cobrowser is invaluable as it can has a show-and-tell ability to demonstrate clearly to the customers the features, advantages and utilities of a product or solution. The secure nature of the tools provides reassurance that there are no issues with respect to loss of privacy and being web-based it has no software requirements.

Five Reasons Why Co-Browsing Is the Right Training Tool

Some key feature of a co-browser that make it the ideal tool for SaaS businesses:

  1. Shared Browsing Experience: Take clients through a product or a document remotely by use of co-browser. The tool enables simultaneous browsing of a webpage by two users, though which agents can demonstrate a product, a transaction or a process, providing direct inputs that makes knowledge sharing smoother and faster.
  1. View, point and highlight: Through the co-browser an agent can point out important elements or highlight key text without taking away control from customer. These features make the session interactive and the customer finds it easier to understand.
  1. High Privacy and Secure Features: The co-browsing software has embedded features that ensure privacy and security. When initiated the tool allows access to only the website in question. Neither the customer’s desktop nor other browser tabs will be visible to the agent. Additionally, the tool automatically conceals confidential information like credit card numbers
  1. Document File Sharing: The real-time collaboration platform has a range of tools that can be used during customer interactions including live chat, video calls, and instant document share. So if an agent needs to send across supporting documents like a training manual or a brochure, it can be done during the co-browsing session.
  1. One-Click Access: No software downloads, installations or licenses. The co-browse tool can be embedded within a website allowing easy access for customers. Just a click and with customer approval the session starts. The software is flexible and can be used across mobile and desktop platforms.

So go ahead and find the right cobrowsing software for your needs!