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Aspire 2011 Part 2: New Features in LivePerson and VeriShow Integration
October 24, 2011

Aspire 2011 kicks off today and we are excited to interact with partners and customers of LivePerson. For VeriShow, LivePerson integration…

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Business Challenge Solved: Convincing Customers to Make Necessary Repairs
October 11, 2011

Some professionals provide vital services and receive little but distrust and mean-spirited jokes in return. Lawyers come to mind. Used car…

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be-a-hero-to-your-customer-with-multimedia-Real-Time Support
Be A Hero To Your Customer With Multimedia, Real-Time Support
September 15, 2011

The bike was delivered in a completely flat box. The woman who ordered it as a surprise for her husband knew…

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4 Misconceptions About Online Customer Service
September 13, 2011

Ask even the most established e-business about the principles of online customer service, and you’re likely to hear some wild misconceptions….

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WordPress Users Give Thumbs-Up To New VeriShow Plugin
September 8, 2011

Multimedia chat provides valuable customer service, sales and marketing functions to website owners – as long as the applications available integrate…

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VeriShow Details Steps for Enhancing LivePerson Experience
September 1, 2011

When we announced our integration with LivePerson in June, we shared a video exploring the ways in which one company might…

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Getting to Perfect Customer Service with Multimedia Chat
August 30, 2011

Business executives and customer service representatives alike analyze at length various online and offline variations of high-touch and low-touch customer service….

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4 Popular Levels of Customer Engagement
August 25, 2011

Today’s online marketers and retailers are eager to deliver “customer engagement” But you need to meet your customers at their preferred…

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VeriShow Announces Integration With PayPal
VeriShow Announces Integration With PayPal
August 18, 2011

VeriShow users can tap into a deep catalogue of apps to serve their customers better. These companies — intent on providing…

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VeriShow Apps In-Depth- Video (29 Aug 2017)
VeriShow Apps In-Depth: Video
August 16, 2011

Restaurant diners like choice, but a deep menu can feel overwhelming, even when frequent customers know the fare is reliably…

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