Content-Driven Digital Advertising: Share Photos Online to Captivate Prospects

 “Content is king” (Bill Gates, 1996) is still relevant as ever especially as it comes to marketing. Good content can help build brands and can turn an advertisement campaign into a successful campaign. Content-driven digital advertising campaign in many instances can help convert a visitor to a customer or keeping an unsatisfied customer on board.

Today’s programmatic advertising is allowing inexpensive and targeted marketing to capture the right consumer segment. Moreover, location-based advertising services are also displaying an upward trend. Additionally, native Ads like blog posts or informational videos can inform or motivate while entertaining—without directly promoting a product. One effective native Ad strategy may be to share photos online of injured animals to promote a charity for animal rights.

According to The Guardian, content can go a long way in building trust and engagement with would-be customers.

Digi-day, a leading publication, states in Time to Overhaul the Banner that native advertising, like video and social, has grown because it doesn’t look or feel like stale ad units. The days of showcasing a logo in front of a consumer are over. The ad world is moving toward starting conversations between brands and prospects, and standard display units cannot do this, not even the Rising Stars.

To create advertising campaigns that address all the above requirements, business can utilize content interactive technologies embedded in banners to capture the attention of the visitor in a way never been done before.

In Three Ad Tech Trends to Watch in 2015, blending content with advertising is high on all lists of priorities for online advertising. So technologies that support content or video sharing will enhance the customer-engagement process through real-time sharing of targeted content.

Engagement, Collaboration, and Conversion: VeriShow’s App-based Chat Platform

In the email or mobile marketing campaigns, businesses can include a VeriShow “Help Me” button embedded in the ad to directly launch the video chat. The live contact with a sales or customer rep can lead to a highly personalized and fruitful interaction resulting in a conversion or a sale. An app to share photos online can be launched at any point during the chat session to initiate a live sales process through vivid photos of products.

Here are the direct benefits of the VeriShow platform which can also be launched from within an ad:

  • Share photos online to target micro customer segments.
  • Share documents to help customers understand a product or enroll in a program.
  • Promote products and services to prospects via live video feeds, product videos, images, or photographs on display screens.
  • Convert site visitors into customers through personalized interaction and guidance through targeted content sharing.
  • Reduce product returns or customer attrition by preparing customers well ahead of actual purchases.
  • Enable sales or customer service through custom content in interactive blogs or editorial pages.
  • Provide full mobile-platform support.
  • Reduce operational costs of business by selecting a Cloud implementation.

Want to know more? Access the demo for VeriShow chat platform with app to share photos online.