Business communication has undergone a great deal of reinvention in past decade. The introduction of innumerable technological innovations over years has transformed day-to-day interaction. From email to cell phones to instant chatting, the options available are indeed vast.

Choosing the right one amongst them is important as it can have an immense impact on how successful the communication is. This is true in every business but particularly for client-facing industries. Strong customer relationships in such industries is essential to success, and achieving this depends on regular, efficient and effective communication.

The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

Traditionally when faced with the need to have an important discussion or say a training session, company executives set up client meetings – the face-to-face interaction is vital in these cases as facial expressions and body language are key while talking over complex subjects.

But despite its advantages, having in-person meetings all the time can be inefficient. Travel costs like airline fares, the extra hassle of travelling, unnecessary delays and stress – all these make such interactions an unproductive way to carry out business on a regular basis.

Tech-based collaboration tools available today offer the solution in the form of web and video-based communication. Video chat enables face-to-face discussions, while co-browsing software allows a simultaneous navigation of a website. These tools bring together visual interaction and remote collaboration with a high level of efficiency.

Benefits of Video Chat and Cobrowsing Tools

With web-based conferencing, companies can improve work efficiency and engagement levels of attendees.  Here are the four major benefits arising from using this communication format:

  • Connecting Geographically Disparate Teams: In today’s digital economy, business partners are often working out of far-flung locations, worldwide. With video chat and co-browser all key teams can interact, wherever they are
  • Saving Money and Time: By conducting meetings through web-based tools, businesses will be able to save significant money and executive time. Setting up virtual meetings is easy, making it suitable for today’s hectic office routine
  • Improve Business Productivity and Flexibility: The use of video tools in business makes productive discussions possible in an instant. By not allowing geographical distance to hinder collaboration, there is faster communication , improved speed of response, and higher flexibility in operations
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships: Video chats and cobrowsing enable rich engaging interactions facilitating deeper understanding of customer needs and therefore better response

Clearly there are several business benefits from using video chats and cobrowsing as communication tools.

Understanding the Potential of Real Time Engagement Platform

The suite of tools available within a real time collaboration platform brings virtual meetings to life.

Its multichannel format enables users to have high quality interaction whatever be the objective – complex discussions, live guidance, step-by step customer support, or hands-on training.

  • Live Guidance through Co-browser: Using Cobrowsing, executives can guide their clients through product demos, presentations or daunting activities like form filling right on the website
  • Face-to-Face Interaction through Video Chat: With video chats executives can add a visual element to remote meetings which enhances its efficacy. The human engagement increases customer satisfaction and builds trust
  • Instant File Sharing : Virtual meeting attendees can quickly share important files between themselves through online document sharing features embedded in the platform
  • Interactive Text Chat: Depending on the choice of the customer, chat can be text-based or video-based. Those clients who prefer to have non-intrusive text chats can use the live chat feature to carry out conversations
  • Omni Channel Discussion: Company agents can combine a phone call with a cobrowsing session or a video chat with co-browser, depending on the exact needs of the customer, improving the quality of discussions. 

For businesses, the platform can thus be a boon to enhance productivity and add value at reduced costs.

Experience First-Hand, the Benefits of Hassle-Free Virtual Collaboration

The use of this tool can increase the reach of your business in an instant, helping you globalize and remove restrictions on your presence. No doubt, the communication platform of the future is here.

The real time engagement platform is easy to deploy as it is browser based, requiring no software or plugin installation.  It is flexible as it can be used in both mobile and desktop formats.