Sales enablement is the latest of the modern B2B sales trends. Unlike other well-established business functions (arguably, sales enablement can be stated to be a function of a business rather than a passive work), sales enablement is very poorly defined. In a nutshell, it means different things for different companies.

Here you’ll learn all that sales enablement is — everything that there is to know about it. Building up from that, the article will explain how sales enablement is the latest modern B2B sales trend and why you should know about it.

In simple words, sales enablement is the professional training of sales representatives which allows them to strike the right deal by providing them information right when it’s going to be most effective. It also means developing a long bond with the customer by being with him or her throughout the whole buyer’s journey. Further, all this is done with the help of technology.

Let’s break it down.

Effective engagement with the buyer: Sales enablement aims towards maximizing engagement with the buyer, at all points throughout the buyer’s entire journey. In other words, sales enablement is an ongoing process.

Opportunities drive sales enablement: There are many sellers. They include salesmen of a business, front-line sales personnel, and even customer support department. Sales enablement aims towards maximizing profits by providing the right information to the seller who can most effectively utilize the information at the right time and place. This means you don’t lose any sales opportunity.

Leverage content: In general, it’s a good practice to craft content for your salespersons and customer representatives that will come handy when they need it. The more content you have the more problems you can solve quickly. Simple as that.

Revenue and sales are most important: Technology and tools have to be utilized in such a manner that revenue is maximized. Every sales opportunity has to be given full priority.

So, why should you deploy sales enablement? Well, first off it’s the new trend that’s reaping great benefits for businesses. Second, it’s still a B2B sales trend that’s in the budding stage where businesses are just learning the potential it has. The most important reason, however, is that it gives your sales and revenue a huge boost.

It’s easy to see how sales enablement is important. If you can organize technology to achieve higher sales enablement, your business can only go higher. It also gives you an edge over your competitors.

The heart of sales enablement lies in providing right content to your reps so that it can be transferred to the prospect or customer. Although there are ways using which your brand can improve its customer service without expending too much, training your staff for sales enablement allows your customers to have an engaging experience while maximizing the scope of revenue from every opportunity.

The main prerequisite for sales enablement is the training of your salespersons.

What’s most important if you’re beginning sales enablement is having a centralized portal for maintaining your sales. If your sales content is at one place, it removes a great deal of hassle for your reps.

In fact, you have no idea how hard can it be for your customers to interact with your business. Sales enablement makes it easier.

Now, what technologies you need to think about? Machine learning tops the chart. Your employees will need a strong base in data science and your custom software need to be capable of handling large chunks of data. Databases are extremely important for managing content for your reps.

The main job custom software (and thus technology) does in sales enablement is ranking pieces of content based on their suitability and relevance to a certain topic. Using these pointers, the system can make better decisions about what to serve when and to whom.

SalesForce has made an engaging infographic regarding the subject that can come handy to explain sales enablement to your sellers for the first time.

VeriShow provides excellent services for sales enablement. VeriShow achieves customer interaction using WebRTC technology for sharing and reviewing of content in real time, as well as co-browsing. VeriShow also provides one-way or two-way high quality live video chat sessions.

The services can be classified under four categories:

Co-browsing: completely secure and patented by VeriShow, co-browsing helps the buyers overcome their anxiety while interacting with a company’s support team. This further helps them to express better while learning a lot more about the products or services along the way from the seller.

Document sharing and form filling: Interactive content sharing enables an agent to strike a relationship with the buyer. Content can be shared in real time -may that be images, videos, documents, or forms. Help can be provided throughout all stages of the buyer’s journey. Notes can be taken and form data can be reviewed.

Phone, VoIP, and video chat options: Of course the list of sales enablement features can’t be complete without direct communication. VeriShow allows direct communication through calling and video chat.

Remote sharing of digital assets: Using VeriShare, buyers can share images or videos of real life objects that can facilitate the seller in providing dedicated help. For example, a buyer can use a smartphone’s front or rear camera and then the rep can take snapshots for real time discussion and feedback that supports annotation, recording, and saving for future reference.

The jewel on the crown is VeriTalk. It’s an alternative for call centers where most call center issues are taken care of. With conversations that allow a customer to talk to an agent and also initiate a live help session for many features like co-browsing or content sharing, a greater degree of customer satisfaction can be guaranteed. All the seller needs are to set up an Assistance ID for their brand. VeriTalk enables customers to talk to the company’s reps while the rep co-browses with the buyer and also provides offline content directly to the buyer. In a nutshell, VeriTalk is the legendary one-on-one support solution for modern businesses.