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For e-commerce websites, the conversion rate is one of the most-closely tracked metrics since a healthy rate indicates that customers are finding value in the websites’ offerings, and builds the foundation for sustained success. The average conversion for large online brands is around 3.... Continue Reading

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In this age of digitization, information is the basis for decisions and choices.  The online channel has become the primary mode of interaction between a customer and a company, resulting in companies feeling that every bit of related information must be made available to ensure that cust... Continue Reading

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Customer service is such a critical factor that it can make or break a company. A worldwide survey has shown that 62 percent of consumers worldwide stopped dealing with a brand or an organization after experiencing poor customer service. This clearly highlights that a business can’t affo... Continue Reading

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The role of high customer satisfaction in a company’s success cannot be underestimated. Research has shown that a happy customer contributes 17 times more to the profit of a company than a dissatisfied customer.  Satisfied customers are more likely to repurchase from the company, recomm... Continue Reading

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In the present-day several forms of communication have come to exist as a way to exchange important information. Video conferences, phone calls, emails, short message service(SMS) are most common, while technological developments keep on adding to the list of present ones. The modern-day b... Continue Reading

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