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A company, business and any organization of this sort has its success dependent on the people it deals with. If the people aren’t happy with the organization, it is bound to fail. Organizations that operate on the basis of FinTech (financial technology) face challenges that can make ... Continue Reading

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Technology has reformed every aspect of our lives and those stuck to the old conventional means are experiencing difficulty in catching up to the advancement which keeps creating better alternatives. The banking system has transformed too, with the majority of the businesses opting for onl... Continue Reading

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From the time the banks evolved until the much of the twentieth century, banks were only a place where we could deposit our money, our salaries and where we could have some savings and when needed we could even ask for loans and mortgages. There were pass books, cheques, filling of forms a... Continue Reading

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Having a strong customer base is undoubtedly the most powerful key to any business’s success. Without customers there is no revenue and without revenue no business can ever exist. Hence, calling your customers your pillars of success would neither be wrong, nor be an overstatement. It is... Continue Reading

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With digitization of information, shopping, newspapers, photos and other expectations of information customers in every field of business have been soaring. This eventually leads to a rapid rise in the number of enquiries and complaints by customers. But are the companies equipped with lat... Continue Reading

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