VeriShow offers the ultimate video chat, co-browsing and content sharing SaaS engagement solution for the fast growing online retail industry.

As the global retail activities increasingly move online, VeriShow’s interactive SaaS platform for personal engagement is becoming a vital tool to help retailers better compete.  The digital customer wants the ability to engage, in person, with the retailer anytime and from anywhere.

The ability to embed the VeriShow platform into a retailer’s website as if it is part of the site makes VeriShow a highly desirable tool for retailers.  When retailers implement VeriShow, they enter into the new era of e-commerce known as the “interactive digital era”. This is where customers engage with the retailer’s customer-service team in person without physically meeting them giving the term ‘real-time’ a new meaning.

Customer purchases a gift online while receiving high-touch customer service using VeriShow

The Benefit for Online Retailers

The primary benefit of this 24/7 customer-engagement platform is that any digital storefront, whether large, medium, or small in terms of sales revenue, can make their customers feel as if they have physically walked into the same shop or store—and do so without travelling.


Main Features

The platform provides capabilities such as:

  • Textual Chat
  • One or two way audio / video chat
  • Web to phone (ability to call your phone from your web site)
  • Real-time website cobrowse with the customer
  • Window or Desktop Screen Sharing
  • Agent to client document sharing
  • Client to agent document sharing
  • Share videos online
  • Form completion in real-time
  • Interactive whiteboard, and more

Furthermore, the solution includes a set of management tools including rich dashboard to monitor agents activities, session history and analytics data as well as video chats recording.

VeriShow is your Competitive Advantage

Retailers that use VeriShow touch their clients and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market letting their representatives recommend products and services in person and in real time as well as provide live demonstrations directly from within their web site.  Retailers that use such live engagement can increase their conversion rate by more than 50%.

As VeriShow integrates with mobile devices and mobile web sites, businesses can engage with consumers that come to their sites from the fast growing segment of digital devices – mobile.

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