One of the primary reasons for VeriShow’s creation and popularity is the fact that individuals learn in very different ways. One customer might respond well to text chat, another might need more audio or visual support in order to convert or resolve a service issue.

With the wide range of learning styles in mind, we’re building the VeriShow YouTube channel to meet the needs of every user. Need a video to help you make the most of your VeriShow deployment? We’ve got you covered. VeriShow’s collaborative customer support channel offers plenty of video examples of how sales and service agents can make the most of their live expert sessions. It also provides nearly 20 videos on specific functions our users might undertake.

Log on and learn how to manage content for your document library. Give us a few seconds, and we’ll demonstrate how you can quickly upload images, documents and videos to share with your users.


Or, check out how to embed the VeriShow call button, select colors, set availability parameters, and more. We’ve also uploaded videos on everything from using the multilingual chat translator, e-signing a form on VeriShow, and familiarizing yourself with VeriShow’s platform layout.


Of course, we’re always available via real-time, collaborative, multimedia chat if you need more assistance with making the most of your VeriShow sessions.