E-businesses want to deliver superior customer service to all their prospects, but enterprises also recognize that for some sales, the demands on customer service are particularly high.

Remember that scene in “Pretty Woman?” Richard Gere brings Julia Roberts into a swanky Beverly Hills boutique and flashes his gold card. There’s no limit on the shopping spree he orders up, so, in addition to the clothes and accessories trotted out for her approval, Julia Roberts’ character is also treated to the devoted attention of four salespeople and to lots of enthusiasm about the many purchasing choices she eventually makes.

How can e-business replicate such attention  — and sales — online? By using multimedia, real-time collaboration tools, such as VeriShow, to better support high-value customers. Here are two ways website owners can make these prospects feel more pampered online:

Private viewings — e-Sales agents can offer private viewings for one-of-a-kind inventory. There’s no need to spend precious marketing resources photographing and uploading each item to the website. Rather, businesses can create sections of their websites for high-touch or white glove sales calls, and invite visitors to click on a call button for private viewings. A second-camera input app can be valuable in these instances, to show visitors unique gifts. Agents simply place the item in front of the camera for the visitor to view on his or her computer.

One-on-one video chat — Many e-commerce sites already have large and sophisticated live chat implementations, and rely on the chat agents’ ability to concurrently engage more than one visitor at a time. For numerous low to mid-level sales, concurrency is a perfectly good tool for converting visitors. For high-value sales, however, concurrency can be less than ideal. In many instances, visitors who are considering substantial purchases may find it frustrating to wait for an agent’s attention. To avoid losing lucrative sales, escalate high-value customers from text chats to live video sessions with specialized e-sales reps who can close major deals.

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