Online Document Sharing: The Ultimate Sales Tool for the Insurance Providers

According to an Accenture survey on property and casualty insurance customers, which largely focused on home and auto insurers in 14 countries globally, the findings seem to indicate that while the technological advances have made it easy for customers to find and compare insurance products data, insurance providers are struggling to fight customer attrition all across the customer spectrum! Moreover, the restless customers of the digital era are increasingly demanding instant solutions from their insurance service providers anytime, anyplace.

While one can find the results of the survey here, Accenture Claims Customer Survey – Data, it is probably not inappropriate to assume that to retain and satisfy this growing population of restless, techno-savvy customers, the global insurance business, as a whole, must adopt those technological solutions which bring “instant” solutions to customers, and that too, through the presence of human help. The survey also seems to suggest that customers frequently defect to competition because they miss the human engagement in customer service.

The survey ranked the customer demands and found speed and transparency of claims processes took the top position, followed by the ability to engage with the insurance provider anytime, anyplace. The other demands that took the top ranks are access to policy-related information, timely communication, empathetic customer support, and the option of engaging through a preferred channel.

These popular customer demands indicate that customers are willing to trade physical engagement with technological engagements if and only if that engagement model promises personalized customer care where the customer has the “full control of a physical meeting.”

VeriShow’s Online Document Sharing: Sharing Content in a Personalized Manner:

The content sharing tool can enable an insurance agent or service representative to instantly and spontaneously share content with a customer during a browser-based “live” chat session.

More specifically, this particular online document sharing tool offers the following benefits:

  • Real-time collaboration on documents, videos, or images to simulate a face-to-face meeting.
  • Real-time sharing and exchange of ideas or opinions through the annotation feature.
  • Concurrent file sharing, which enables the use of multiple files at a time. The agent or the customer can switch from one file to another during the discussion.The HTML5-based mobile browser solution allows the customers to interact with agents directly from their mobile device without any special download or install.
  • The modular structure of the Verishow platform enables the customer to engage in online document sharing in a more personalized environment. The customer can tailor the environment through the use of specific apps. Some of the apps are Share File app, the Visitor’s Document app, the Form Completion app, or the Screen Sharing app

The advanced technology of the online document sharing tool ensures that customer data is entered and saved in a highly secure environment, the tool works with many partner platforms, and tremendous flexibility is available in account configurations. The VeriShow content-sharing tool works on most desktop or mobile platforms.

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