Response. Satisfaction. Engagement. Services. Add the word “customer” to these words and you understand the main concerns of each and every business.

As much as the company holds utter importance in creating a product, its consumer decides if it is going to be a success or not. Customer satisfaction continues to gain popularity among all other aspects of trade according to, How Customer Service Can Create a New Breed of Brand Ambassador, it’s the customer who takes a business forward. If your customers aren’t provided with top notch solutions for their queries instantly, chances are that they will abandon your website within minutes of opening it.

 How to minimize the gap between the business and its consumers?

As technology has evolved, a business and its consumers can now make use of smart engagement applications like Live Video Chat, and Co-browsing and content share tools. These applications let the business provide its consumers with a digital experience which is similar to a personal face to face meeting. A business owner or customer service representative can promptly get back to the consumer with viable solutions and now address problems more effectively so customer satisfaction rises. For example, according to Customers prefer Live Chat for Customer Service: Stats, Live Chat has been recorded to provide the highest satisfaction levels (73%) as compared to emails or phone calls (61%) for customers who find it troublesome to progress through complex transactions. With live personal engagement with Video Chat and Co-Browsing this is eve higher according to industry experts.

Customers prefer a face-to-face experience or a swift response rate from the company rather than waiting on a long call to get to the customer service representative. Phone and SMS score the lowest satisfaction points at 44% and 41% respectively solely because the customer can’t flourish a personal connection with the CSR and have to wait to get their queries resolved.(is there a reference to these stats or is the same from above).

How do these technological advancements improve customer satisfaction?

Live Chat and Video Chat applications essentially let the CSR promptly reply to the customer. If the customer keeps in touch with the same CSR for different queries, they develop a sense of trust and loyalty and will be encouraged towards making additional transactions. Consumers show appreciation for great customer service and are apt to spend more when catered to by a knowledgeable person. This has become so important consumers are willing to provide more data in exchange for enhanced personalization. Live/Video Chat also saves on time which a customer would otherwise squander while attempting to call an agent reducing the abandonment rate. These Live/Video Chat applications allow the business to offer services to the consumer while they’re browsing and also at important points during the purchase journey and payment processes. This makes the consumer feel more secure and comfortable during the whole transaction.

Engaging your consumers at all touch points during the purchase provides a business with an insight about the customer response, customer satisfaction, customer engagement and customer service. All of these things makes a large impact on your business. It is a true test how much a company values its customers by watching a first time customers make additional transactions and becoming a loyal consumer.