People these days have such busy schedules that they barely ever get any time to be out shopping for themselves. This is mainly the reason why online shopping prevails now and why shouldn’t it? It fulfills all our needs right where we are. From apparels to automotive, everything is being sold online and people can’t help but love the perception of the ease. However, if a company is selling online, it has to take a lot of factors into consideration. Online selling may sound easy but is not.

Customers often find themselves confused while transacting online and this is where the customer service steps in. For example, if a consumer is looking to buy real estate, he will be utterly confused and divided between things. Purchasing real estate becomes a big issue as there are big decisions as well as big and complex transactions involved. Consumers generally do not trust the company’s agents blindly since large sums of money are an essential part of transactions relating to real estate. Thus, we can deduce that companies need to build trust and guide their customers online, in order to boost sales and increase conversions.

How can Co-browsing replace the brick and mortar experience for customers?

People generally prefer going to a store simply because they receive great assistance and someone is there to guide them at all times. Online stores on the other hand possess no personal interaction thus making it a dull experience for the customer. This is where software’s like Video Chat and Co-browsing step into the picture. According to “Co-browsing in sales and customer service rises client satisfaction” co-browsing lets web assistants use it to give the customer a more personalized shop-experience, similar to escorting them up and down the aisles at a brick-and-mortar store.

Applications such as co-browsing, video chat, screen sharing essentially provide a human touch to the online store and allow the agent to tailor the shopping experience for each customer according to his specific needs.

Expand your real estate business by guiding and satisfying your customers

The use of these smart applications becomes mandatory in order to improve the online experience for your customers. The agents can come up with instant solutions for the customers and assist them during complex transactions online. This not only builds trust but also mentally satisfies the customers. This further improves the goodwill of the company. According to, “How co-browsing aids customer loyalty”, the satisfied customers generally discuss their positive, one-on-one customer-service experiences on the social media. That kind of word-of-mouth publicity can boost a company’s traffic and sales.

The use of co-browsing along with other applications can significantly help in the expansion on a real estate business online.