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Live support & real-time collaboration white papers: learn what kind of support your customers will expect in the coming years and how you can exceed their expectations.

The Role of Multi-Media Engagement Platforms in Delivering Telemedicine and Telecare   (Winter 2011)

With telemedicine and telecare sure to play a prominent role in delivering healthcare to hard-to-reach patients and patients who choose to age in place, focus must be placed on the needs of both providers and patients. While telemedicine and telecare are broad categories encompassing a variety of automated monitoring tools, this paper focuses solely on the critical live interactions between caregivers, doctors and patients.

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Raising the Bar for Real-Time Web-Based Interactions – The Need for Multi-Media Tools in Live Support & Real-Time Collaboration   (Summer 2010)

This paper explores what the next generation of a web-based live support and real-time collaboration platform must encompass in order to meet the evolving demands of businesses and organizations so that they may better engage their website visitors. It also discusses the technical requirements of delivering a high-touch, multi-media interaction platform.

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