The biggest issue with the businesses today is…. not being able to speak to a real person.

With the online channel gaining more and more popularity, customers are preferring to carry out a wide range of activities through a business’ website. From evaluating a product to getting a better understanding of product features to actual purchase – the convenience of the online format has made it a powerful channel.

However one key issue faced by customers during their journey on websites is being unable to quickly get in touch with a company representative. Customers looking for information or help to sort out issues find it difficult to reach a real person to consult about their needs, making the website experience impersonal and at times frustrating.

When customers have poor experiences on businesses’ website it ultimately results in higher rates of site abandonment, low sales conversions, and reduced customer satisfaction. In fact research has shown that  44 percent of customers feel having a live person to answer questions while carrying a transaction online is one of the most important features that a website can offer.  It is therefore extremely important that companies look at deploying solutions that provide customer the chance to reach out to a real person for live support.

Real-time engagement solutions that leverage the cutting edge WebRTC technology help in achieving this enriching interaction. The virtual platform has a host of services such as online video chat and co-browsing that make customer interaction engaging and helpful while providing a human touch.

Boost Human Interaction with Virtual Engagement Tools

With these tools, customers will be able to initiate a chat or a co-browsing session resulting in improved experience

Provide guided personal support: There are often situations where the customer feels confused or finds it difficult finish something. Perhaps an online form requires clarification or a particular feature of the website is not working properly. In these cases co-browsing can be used to offer personalized to support the customer step-by-step.

  1. Understand customer needs better: With video chat you can actively engage with the customer thanks to the visual interaction. Face-to-face engagement ensures that there is clear communication between the customer and company representative resulting faster resolutions
  2. Interactive one-click communication: Customers will be able to initiate conversation with a real person from any place on the website with just a click without compromising privacy and security.
  3. Explore website features fully : With co-browsing and live chat a company representative can personally guide a customer through the product portfolio or product features. These tools also allow for product demonstration, greatly increasing chances for lead conversion
  4. Share documents instantly: The feature of sharing documents or images directly through the website eases the sales process considerably. No longer does either the customer or the representative need to wait for an email with the necessary documents.
Improve Business Performance with Better Customer Support

There are numerous business benefits that a real-time engagement platform delivers:

  • High-Quality Customer Service: The virtual engagement tools enable company representatives to offer customer that is close to an in-store experience. This supportive form of service reassures the customers and increases their trust in the company.
  • Higher FTRs: First Time Resolutions are key to ensuring that customer’s experience with the company is positive. Customers do not need to repeat the issue since the tools like cobrowser are context aware, which allows for faster resolution and lesser frustration. This leaves them satisfied and encourages repeat purchase.
  •  Higher Customer Loyalty: Frustrated customers who are unable to solve their issues will result in low customer loyalty leading to poor sales. By having live video chat and co-browsing you will able to handle issues as they happen, reducing the frustration levels of customers
  •  Increased Sales: When customer representatives are able to handle issues or answer questions regarding a sale promptly through live chat plugin, reduces site abandonment and improves sales conversions. Such personal interaction also allows opportunities for upselling and cross-selling which again increases sales. Reduced Customer Service Cost: The real-time engagement tools are low cost solutions that do not need separate software purchase or downloads. Deployed within the website, it just requires a browser and a web connection for a customer to initiate a session with a real person from the company.