VeriShow 4.7 | Release Notes

Browser-based mobile support, significantly faster co-browsing, improved user interface and other improvements now available in VeriShow’s new release.

Browser-based Mobile Support

VeriShow is about spontaneous interaction – letting a visitor or a customer click a button and engage an agent without communicating with them first and without installing special software, by using existing browser based technologies.

To enable spontaneous interaction on mobile we have now released iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (mobile, tablets) browser support for chat. You can now engage with visitors by text chat – they simply need to use their device’s web browser to chat with you. We are continuing to develop this mobile support and will release further feature-support in future releases (e.g. co-browsing, content sharing).

Live Chat on Mobile with VeriShow

Screenshot of user entering live chat on mobile browser (providing details)

Co-browsing is Faster!

VeriShow’s powerful co-browsing just got quicker. We have made technical improvements that made our co-browser sync the two sides (agent, visitor) faster by at least 35%! This is noticeable and an important improvement to the effectiveness of co-browsing with visitors.

More Room for Chat = Better User Experience

We have changed the way Audio / Video component is displayed by default. The Audio / Video area is now minimized by default and made visible only when starting Audio or Video. When clicking the Audio or Audio & Video buttons, the minimized area expands and visible as before. This allow much more room for chat – which is often the initial mode of communication when engaging a customer.

Improved Visitor Monitoring

Agents can monitor the visitors on site, invite them and answer calls in VeriShow’s Website Visitors backend page. We now enable admins to change the default sorting of the list (e.g. by time on site, score or geographical location). The configuration can be changed in the Account Admin > Account Profile page.

Straight to Chat Option

It is now possible to configure the chat flow so visitor details (pre-chat form) are not collected when the visitor clicks the Live Help button. At present this is configurable by the VeriShow team – contact us if you would like that enabled on your account. We are planning to expand survey options in the future, stay tuned!

Bug Fixing

We’ve addressed a number of technical issues in:

  • Co-browsing – sync issue at agent side.
  • Starting audio/video sessions – video not visible at visitor side at times.
  • Website Visitors list – speed, selection of row that lost on refresh, change of sorting at the top in real time not saved when list is refreshed.

These issues have now been addressed and are part of our continuous effort to deliver a stable platform.

Questions? Want to try VeriShow?

If you have a VeriShow account – you can already enjoy all the above features and improvements. If you have any questions or would like to see any of the above in action, please contact us for a demo.